I had a crazy new idea for Era

The original idea for him was that he’d be called Era to imply that in a Missingno-type fashion he was made of data that wasn’t supposed to be a creature or something; I wasn’t thinking too seriously about what that meant though

Now I thought about it seriously and thought, maybe all the eras that are missing from Aluma history, that people just forgot (kind of a recurring thing in all the stuff I had), are gone because they literally became part of Era. All his schemas are different eras he just sort of assimilated somehow.

What gave me the idea is that a couple of these forgotten eras were the time of the “Spanish lion kingdom” of Leona and the time when lions existed and weren’t just extinct. I realised P. leo sounded like “Paleo”, so one of Era’s schemas I’d previously been calling Palezo (like Paleozoic) and thought might look cat-like even though there were no cats in the Paleozoic, could just be “Pâ–’leo” and be made of those two things.