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describe your oc’s backstory in the shittiest way you can imagine

  • Dragon knight
  • Education level: some college
  • Wants to become a superhero because rocks
  • Doesn’t know what the fuck to do
  • Her mom is a musician and she likes stories
  • VERY bad mother
  • Doesn’t know who he is
  • Ditto but doesn’t care, also he is a bird
  • Parents had a fight; has identity issues
  • None lol
  • On a mission
  • Backstory is not exactly his own

I realised today that if Hinotorian is widespread all over the world and a language that unifies people it is probably not a pure Chineseish-sounding language like I originally thought but this complete mess that is full of all kinds of loanwords left and right almost like a pidgin

I realised yesterday that if I get any amount of my Fuchsia White thing done it will be literally true that I’m not a woman but I play one on TV

Hmm probably Fuchsia’s weapon will simply be “Candora’s Vox”, this sort of microphone/megaphone-like thing that allows her to do interesting effects with her voice and gives her powers, sorta in the same spirit as the Stablehand Soulful archetype

I realised I’d really liked the couple of silly vaguely-metal ‘quietly rasp-scream the lyrics’ things I’d put in the intro song because they were so weird and silly, to the point it might make sense to just go with ‘occasionally just suddenly a bold rocker’ being part of her personality

Have you ever dreamed in chat logs

…because I dreamed my friends and I were doing stupid things with our Skype names. I don’t remember the actual content of the lines but it went something like

Taku temp post: something

Taku-tempting to (I don’t remember what this said but it was really long like about as long as the line I’ve typed here): something

Bro paulting prof post: something

New idea.

Each character’s “Aether map”, the map of places they can visit in the Aether, mirrors all the different possibilities for that character’s story in a very subtle way: each one is kinda foreshadowing a different thing that could happen in some timeline, that is. Pretty vaguely but at the same time each of these places is distinctive in a way that’s very suggestive it should mean something.

Each character has the stock places to pick from, but also those, and it’s usually semi-evident when you get a very character-specific place. You go “oh whoa this is really different and unusual, I wonder what the hell it means”.

Also a few places for some characters literally are the different paths in their stories instead of you having to find the paths elsewhere. Ssiv for example has a place that’s literally their mind in Aether-locale form, where they can talk to Ssiassi. (It’s probably a really mutable place that changes gender presentation a lot :p) They’re probably the only one with a copy of their mind in the Aether specifically though. I guess the spectrum hexart places fit in this category too though they’re stock places.

X Leo versus the coward

This morning I had a dream that I was at an ambiguous level of school (a weird recurrent theme in my dreams, I’ll be at this school that is a weird mashup of high school in presentation and college in subject matter difficulty and always architecturally on the grander side of schools though its layout and style varies a lot)

Anyway, I was with other students queued in some kind of line in an outdoor-looking area. However somebody was creating a big gap in the line to be obnoxious and obstruct things. I don’t know what she looked like normally but she had a Korean-sounding name that was three syllables: (something) L(something) (something)eo.

How was X L. ?eo blocking the line?

She’d transformed into a huge male lion, becoming X Leo. Whenever the female staff member there told her to move, she did this amusing little gesture of tensing up her face and baring her teeth as if to roar while just giving a very small, brief little “rawr“. The staff member paused really hesitantly each time as if fearing for her life, but after a while always managed to get the courage to tell her to move again after which she’d do the same little “rawr”. It was funny because none of her body but the face moved. She just stayed confidently lying there on the ground with her legs spread out over the space like I know you don’t have the guts to make me move.