New location of Stablehand picture archive

For a long time I’d been wanting a nice and minimal but also relatively quality place to archive Stablehand pictures. deviantART was kinda okay, but its expectation you enter a bunch of metadata for every single one including “artist comments” and also had no way of changing the file to a different format after uploading was a drag. Tumblr was pretty all right, but hard to browse through well, and its photosets were very idiosyncratic (I’ll still be posting updates there though). Also because of javascript weirdness and firebug glitches sometimes editing posts took forever. seemed great at first because its purpose was to be an internet library and archive things for a long time—what better place to archive things, right? And to be fair, it was a great place to put fullsizes and won bonus points with me by providing a CCO licence tag. But it basically sucked for actually displaying any of the pictures in a remotely organised fashion, extremely surprising especially when its audio pages and game archive both got a recent revamp to look beautiful. So here comes the next step.

Recently I randomly found out about a new set of projects to create something called the federated internet when reading an article on Big shoutout to! You helped me discover something I honestly think is going to be really awesome.

Anyway, the idea behind the federated internet is that there are going to be a number of projects available as alternatives to popular web apps, but they’re going to be built on libre open source platforms, and there’s going to be a strong standard of individual freedom and privacy. Federated web apps will be made of pods, different locations that each run the site independently but intercommunicate such that you can register on one pod and store data there and communicate with other pods without thinking about it (meaning it’s vastly less easy to get any significant number of users’ data at once, and maybe less traffic congestion), and if your pod threatens to go out for some reason, you can clone your stuff to a different one. diaspora* (aka libre Facebook :p), GNU social (aka libre twitter), and (aka distinctly different libre twitter), are the main examples that exist right now. But there are more things in progress! Though it’s not a ‘federated web’ thing per se, (a libre music site I use a lot) is based on the same “open platform you can build a clone/compatible site with” idea, and also, to finally finally get to the point of these two long paragraphs, there’s mediagoblin.

What mediagoblin is supposed to be is a unified platform for uploading and displaying a whole bunch of types of media—instead of using a million different services for sound and pictures and video and 3d models and pdfs and… you get the picture, mediagoblin is supposed to give you ONE convenient media gallery. You can use it on a public site, or you can set up your own site running it and customise the heck out of it. I wish I could do the latter because that would be awesome (it would definitely be fun to make a FolderView skin to go with the new theme of this site), but I opted to do the former because I don’t really have my own web space to do that with, haha. Eventually it will be federated, though it isn’t right now (there are about two unlinked “pods” at the moment though).

Anyway the new Stablehand picture archive is at!

(Mediagoblin is fairly early and imperfect right now, as you might notice immediately from my page “description” where I’ve copied the gallery links onto the main page where they should be (:p), but I have serious confidence the platform will improve, as I know for a fact there are people working hard to improve it.)