The ancestor backstories for my “Fuchsia White” thing are suddenly really clicking into place

The ancestor of Virid, the cœthonian (wingless griffin), was going to have made this small sun thing that was supposed to brighten up the world but was just this huge disaster that dried/burned up everything in the area right
Today I randomly imagined him having techno-wings just because hey you want legendary ancestor characters to look cool and grand and then I realised… wings, sun—maybe I should call him Daedalus
And (aside from the fact it should be Icarus but he’s supposed to be a patriarch so w/e) that’s like the perfect name because he totally didn’t consider the sun was going to be such a disaster when what did he expect :p

And then there’s Fuchsia’s ancestor who I called Candora, just because I randomly imagined her being coloured white and that seemed like a good name (candour = whiteness as well as brightness & being candid) but then I realised oh Fuchsia is like feminine/feminist and Pandora was the first woman in that story :o

They’re just accidentally all turning into weird loose Greek mythology references when I didn’t really plan that or try for it?