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Pronoun Tester

A friend of mine was musing about pronouns and creating new ones lately. Namely, about what would sound the least awkward but most fitting in each inflection. As this was happening, I was like, why isn’t there a place where you can just type in pronouns and have a passage change so you can see how awkward (or not) they sound?? So, I decided to make one.

Of course, writing sample passages with a focus on pronouns is hard, so I fell back to what I knew best: eldritch nonbinary birdpeople. Pay it no mind. You have a pronoun tester now. :p


Stablehand: libre include roundup

By now I’ve got a number of libre songs that I didn’t create but have included in Stablehand (or considered doing so) under libre licences. There are a handful more less official ones on my tumblr, but here are the main ones right now to round out my music tag.

First of all there’s Portent Rider, aka Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado (DavidKBD). Portent Rider’s theme song. I already made a post about that, but here it is again for completeness. (BY-SA 3.0)

Then there’s Kyrielle (Denis RICHARD),

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