For a while I’d played around with the idea of Ssivyin swapping to different genders as schemas the way other people turn into schemas for different superpowers (Kris), different weapons, or different archetypes altogether, with a similar change in abilities.

But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but feel it was at least a little bit tacky to be using gender as a power that way. I think the main problem and the main thing that made it tacky was that I saw them as semi-consciously choosing to use this gender’s strategy or that one, when gender is usually not a matter of choice.

Today I came back to it and realised, if I just reworked the idea by making their genderfluidity semi-realistic, that would pretty much solve the problem, and create a pretty unique game mechanic—that is, the character’s gender changes somewhat randomly though there’s a somewhat logical pattern of things that will make them more likely to assume each gender (normal, male, female, xai, zed, omega, omicron), and as before, there are certain things they have an edge at as each one but since you can’t just choose a gender like you can attributes and such you have to figure out what will make them change gender naturally. Oh, if it’s not clear, not only does their world have somewhat different gender associations from ours depending on where you are, but this character will probably have some idiosyncrasies of their own about what each one means on top of that.