Oh yeah last night I had a dream that I was at this sale that was kind of like a yard sale but it also apparently contained some lost and found stuff that hadn’t been claimed. (I knew this because in among the stuff were a number of USB drives labelled “Sangkara backup”, though I’ve never used USB drives for that nor have I ever lost that many USB drives in the space of a year, much less containing the same material. There were about five of them there. I was kind of disgusted but didn’t have any desire to buy them back :p)

Anyway at the sale there were a bunch of game discs and in among them were four Spyro bootlegs. They all had covers that were basically not-that-amazing image edits incorporating promotional images from the first three Playstation Spyro games (well, the kind of thing where it’s cleanly edited, not with jagged edges or anything, but the result still just looks tacky), and notably, I remember two of their spines being labelled “Spyro 2” and “Spyro 4” with very nice, genuine-looking numbers that didn’t quite go with the background of the spine, probably cut and pasted if not from Spyro covers from the covers of some other series (2 was a fiery red like it had come from the Ripto’s rage cover although it was in a different font than that one, while 4 was yellow-green and almost definitely came from this cover).

As I was looking at these I had a flashback to seeing a video of one of them on YouTube, which involved PS Spyro walking around on this white landscape that was like, kinda featureless with a bit of bad, jagged sculpting to define hills and stuff and had a glitchy texture with these stretched lines and yet a little bit of static-like pixellation in places and it was sort of like this was the intended aesthetic for the game but at the same time it was very much like they created that look by sloppily editing existing game data.

That makes it sound like crap but it was actually kind of cool to watch in a surreal way, and as such I was kind of excited to play these games. Apparently nintenerd64 thought they were cool and had recommended them, though honestly I can’t quite see her doing that in real life except for the fact they were ostensibly Spyro games. :p

Here’s my attempt to mock up the Spyro I saw a video of in GIMP. The terrain shadows are sucky, the hills/valleys are supposed to be a good deal sharper and deeper, and the texture lines are supposed to be more regular and linelike, but I tried. Spyro was edited out of this screenshot.

Another silly little thing going on in this dream was that some of the games had been put in the wrong cases, and I was having to look for at least one of the bootlegs in other game cases since its case was empty; that was a big bummer for me too because apparently these games weren’t easy to find.

I’m pretty sure that at least part of this dream came from this tumblr post.