Ok so basically, the idea behind Fuchsia White is kinda like this post I’m sure you’re familiar with:


The idea is Fuchsia stumbled onto one of the most amazing weapons in the universe, but nobody would ever think of using it or touching it because it was too girly

But Fuchsia happens to be the only person in this universe who isn’t mentally 12 so she just picks it up without even considering what it looks like, having no idea what she has on her bright pink winged hands until much later at which point she’s just like ‘really’

Her major “power”, which isn’t really a power at all, is the ability to do things that might be considered feminine or emotional or otherwise awkward with all the practical frankness of an engineer (she can do practical things with the same practical frankness too, though that doesn’t guarantee she’ll be the best one for the job because hey no one’s good at everything), and to evaluate the aesthetics and merits of things completely outside of the context of gender.

Yep this is the hero I imagine. Says a lot about me, doesn’t it?