Ok so yesterday, and I’m not kidding you, I suddenly came up with the perfect way to “fix” Amy and make her actually cool and I just had so many ideas life was perfect I mean I was about ready to put this character from character-I-hate-so-much-I-am-practically-in-hatelove to character-I-use-everywhere-as-a-mascot-slash-favourite-character

But then the realisation kicked in that with the current state of IP I would probably never actually cause this character to become more awesome canonically no matter what I did because even if my stuff was flat amazing out the ceiling there’s like no way any actual teams would pay attention to me (even before getting into the comical scene I imagined of trying to explain to some corporate person why I should be able to release my concept art libre and why that wouldn’t really change anything because IP rights are an onion blah blah yada yada :p), so ultimately it would just be like sitting in the corner in denial ignoring reality

Finally I decided to do kinda like I did with Song of the Refugees and make something that was kind of a ripoff but kinda not (in this case, vastly more on the ‘not’ side than Song of the Refugees; in fact ‘ripoff’ is a pretty inadequate way to describe this one because like nothing about the style/aesthetic/world is the same but the influence is still really obvious), in this case some kind of story involving “besthommen and among them a vibrant pink anthropomorphic pterosaur named Fuchsia White who would use all the Amy ideas but with the constraints of the original character gone I would literally hold nothing back with