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Ok so basically, the idea behind Fuchsia White is kinda like this post I’m sure you’re familiar with:


The idea is Fuchsia stumbled onto one of the most amazing weapons in the universe, but nobody would ever think of using it or touching it because it was too girly

But Fuchsia happens to be the only person in this universe who isn’t mentally 12 so she just picks it up without even considering what it looks like, having no idea what she has on her bright pink winged hands until much later at which point she’s just like ‘really’

Her major “power”, which isn’t really a power at all, is the ability to do things that might be considered feminine or emotional or otherwise awkward with all the practical frankness of an engineer (she can do practical things with the same practical frankness too, though that doesn’t guarantee she’ll be the best one for the job because hey no one’s good at everything), and to evaluate the aesthetics and merits of things completely outside of the context of gender.

Yep this is the hero I imagine. Says a lot about me, doesn’t it?

Ok so yesterday, and I’m not kidding you, I suddenly came up with the perfect way to “fix” Amy and make her actually cool and I just had so many ideas life was perfect I mean I was about ready to put this character from character-I-hate-so-much-I-am-practically-in-hatelove to character-I-use-everywhere-as-a-mascot-slash-favourite-character

But then the realisation kicked in that with the current state of IP I would probably never actually cause this character to become more awesome canonically no matter what I did because even if my stuff was flat amazing out the ceiling there’s like no way any actual teams would pay attention to me (even before getting into the comical scene I imagined of trying to explain to some corporate person why I should be able to release my concept art libre and why that wouldn’t really change anything because IP rights are an onion blah blah yada yada :p),

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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Link: Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Yes, as we all know, all young men are born full of harmonies.

(This whole thing is so absurd I had to wipe tears out of my eyes multiple times just from laughing at it.)

Edit: I actually made this a lyric in the Hinotorian national anthem. :p

All men are born full of harmonies
All women born full of melodies

Whew, the skin for the guidebook is finally done*. And the main site skin is very close to being at least presentably done too. It’s been 21 days since I started.

After that I’ve gotta test it in different browsers (already looks the same in mobile Chrome, which is a good sign), and remake the page for the actual story. But… since that will require a javascript recode too, I think I’ll put that off until I actually want to work on the story, and just finish the rest of the recode first.

For a while I’d played around with the idea of Ssivyin swapping to different genders as schemas the way other people turn into schemas for different superpowers (Kris), different weapons, or different archetypes altogether, with a similar change in abilities.

But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but feel it was at least a little bit tacky to be using gender as a power that way. I think the main problem and the main thing that made it tacky was that I saw them as semi-consciously choosing to use this gender’s strategy or that one, when gender is usually not a matter of choice.

Today I came back to it and realised, if I just reworked the idea by making their genderfluidity semi-realistic, that would pretty much solve the problem, and create a pretty unique game mechanic—that is, the character’s gender changes somewhat randomly though there’s a somewhat logical pattern of things that will make them more likely to assume each gender (normal, male, female, xai, zed, omega, omicron), and as before, there are certain things they have an edge at as each one but since you can’t just choose a gender like you can attributes and such you have to figure out what will make them change gender naturally. Oh, if it’s not clear, not only does their world have somewhat different gender associations from ours depending on where you are, but this character will probably have some idiosyncrasies of their own about what each one means on top of that.

i’m funding your journey through the Himalayas to study with monks to carefully hand-craft your own fursona. I’m pretty sure that only costs twenty bucks, yeah. That sounds about right.


why would you waste twenty whole dollars on a fursona when the one dollar bargain bin ones are just as good


Oh yeah last night I had a dream that I was at this sale that was kind of like a yard sale but it also apparently contained some lost and found stuff that hadn’t been claimed. (I knew this because in among the stuff were a number of USB drives labelled “Sangkara backup”, though I’ve never used USB drives for that nor have I ever lost that many USB drives in the space of a year, much less containing the same material. There were about five of them there. I was kind of disgusted but didn’t have any desire to buy them back :p)

Anyway at the sale there were a bunch of game discs and in among them were four Spyro bootlegs.


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