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What Originators really are

I thought about Ariana’s flowspace again and

My new image of it is that maybe there’s literally like a little world in there. A sort of small world, kinda fuzzy beyond its boundaries, but it’s there.

There’s like this meeting room in there where she and her characters can meet to discuss strategies, and these rooms each of the characters can pass time/sleep in if she needs to put them away for safekeeping. It’s kind of like an oddly thorough explanation of the RPG trope where party people clown-car into the main character to make the screen less cluttered :p

All the areas in Ariana’s flowspace world are mainly given details by her characters;

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Hateful Eight: the worst heroes. The best adventure.

I had a dream “about” Hateful Eight, but in this dream, it was actually a parody of Big Hero Six made by a bunch of nerds.

A parody of the “so bad it’s good” variety, I might add…

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On Asriel

So before I played Undertale, and even before I got the true end, I always thought that Asriel was probably a little shit who didn’t really deserve all the tears and sympathies he was getting.

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goatswap illustration post

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  • Napstablook’s human form (Napstablook VE) looks the way it does because I was like, with that funky quaint battle music, Napstablook would totally look like a 30s swing orchestra conductor or something. So I loosely based their appearance on Duke Ellington. I would have tried a little harder to make them androgynous but I was too lazy (I couldn’t even stick to one set of proportions lol)
  • “Napstablook VE“

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Sonic Alone – 1-888-LONEHOG

I had a dream that phone numbers were like domain names and you could just go buy certain numbers with certain caller ids that were famous/infamous and then you’d just run that phone number


For whatever reason I’d gone on a whim and bought the “Sonic Alone” number. I have no idea why I did this. Just because I thought it would be funny I guess?

I didn’t think through what I was going to do with it though, as evidenced by the next scene where I was out walking on the sidewalk somewhere in the late evening, and somebody calling the number in a voice halfway in between enchanted and incredulous saying “This is the Sonic Alone number?? Like… Home Alone??“ and me just going “uh yeah, it is… sorry, I’m not really putting it to use yet“ in a slightly tired voice and hanging up.

Then I was just like, geez, why did I have to buy this number when I totally am not gonna have the energy to run it properly.

I thought about it a bit and realised, hmm, I wonder if there’s a way to set up a program to automatically send text messages based on input. I could program a little text adventure or something.

It seemed so cool to me in the dream.

New story concept

I’m thinking that I might base the choices/endings for each character on powers of two.

I was kind of thinking about how the gamebook would actually work and I realised that it might be kind of unintuitive because it seemed really open at the beginning. I want to keep a little bit of an open feel to give that sense of a huge and interesting world, and I want the vibe that there are a lot of things you could do and any of them might have an effect, but I don’t want it to be completely up in the air what you do to get each major story branch.

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People love swap AUs. I love swap AUs.

There is totally going to be a Stablehand timeline/ending/thing where the characters all swap to the most opposite main attributes of the lot

Lil note to myself:

Finished up the mythical creatures guidebook page today. I may revise the definitions of some of them later but for now this is good.

Kimaira” and “Kamaileo” are not-Greek as I already explained.

Umao” is from umay/homaio, the somewhat griffin-like bird of Turkic/Persian mythology. I was looking for a traditional mythology about griffins beyond the heraldic use that I might find a name in and it was kinda hard to find one but then I remembered about those and it’s a reasonably good fit.

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