Some quickly put-together pics of Ariana and her OCs for roleplay purposes. A few parts of what’s to follow may be a little confusing if you aren’t in the roleplay, so I’ve readmored it.


Peter Trimming / CC-BY

Guylaine Brunet / CC-BYkootenaynaturephotos.comraudkollur

From left to right, top to bottom: Ariana, Barry, Knight Cat, Wings-07.

The Ariana av is a little outdated because I decided she should have much louder clothing with like ridiculous stars/spirals/something on her slacks and maybe a plainer shirt, but in at least an annoyingly bright solid colour. When I think about it she’d probably have had the sense to bring some kind of jacket or something on a trip like this, either in whites/greys Techanopia style or loud patterns like her other clothing.

Barry is a huge nerd, and looks the part. He’s an adult, but a young one, about 20-25. He also looks a bit like a woman, and on an unrelated note, has the ability to transform into a black dog. (This came from the translator—”A man who looks like a woman, usually black dog as a nerd” :p) He lived in Hinotoria for a time, but isn’t from there, so while native Hinotorians are usually black he isn’t.

His shirt is supposed to have a phrase in Hinotorian at an angle with a big messy ink splatter behind it (you know the kind of vaguely gothic graphic design I’m trying to describe), a little left of where the pattern in the av is.

Knight Cat AKA Jude looks like those two cats in fur colour (perhaps a bit less orange-brown and a little more grey-brown) but has green eyes like that other cat below. Probably a bit more bright and radiant. He also has lightweight armour that’s kind of carapace-looking and kind of plate mail looking but with a tinge of samurai armour look to it, which I need to design (I see it as looking pretty damn distinctive to the point it’s hard to find a good reference for; sorry, I tried my best to describe it). But, it pretty well covers his back and the upper half of his legs, leaving his face largely visible and tail free to move.

Wings-07 is an anthro waxwing basically. Mostly a Cedar Waxwing (the brown/yellow one) but with a liiiitle bit of Bohemian Waxwing (the grey one) to his design, mostly in having a little bit of grey toward the yellow at the bottom. His wing-arms have a weird mechanism to them in that the feathers follow the fingers; if he expands his hand they go backward and if he contracts it they go forward. He can fly, if the hands are contracted such that the wings expand, and his arms are fully expanded.

Wings has a strange gimmick where nobody notices that he’s a bird when they look at him; with their eyes, they see a bird, but their brain doesn’t process it as a bird. Even if you tell them “that’s a bird” they still say stuff like “what? That doesn’t look like a bird” and can’t see how he could be a bird.