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Neutrality (Ssivyin’s theme)

I don’t like to think politically
Ceaseless quarrels are annoying to me
If only I could step off this reality
And stride out into the blankness of infinity

I’m a freely-floating entity
No container can encompass me
No matter how I might look for group unity
I’ll still be slopping bog-mass mired in an oddity

I’m not full of red-orange sunset rays
Sometimes my grasp on my appearance frays
I’m not a dreamer on the mystic frequency
Nor they to lead your squad to victory

People may think I’m a waste of space
But I can only move at my own pace
I’m not a kettle to pour cups of tea
So why should I try to ought not be me?

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A quick “legend” for if you’re having trouble reading my cursive and want to know what it says.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The Average Bad Cursive Doesn’t Even Feel Greatly Horrid If Just Kinda Like My Not Overly Polished Quality Random Script Taken Uber Very Weird Yeah X Zed

I practically never write a capital F or Q so I had to quickly make something up for those. I don’t know how I’d write them if I wasn’t thinking about it. Probably I’d print the F. :p

I’ve been vaguely considering this motif that maybe for every fantastical element added to their universe, something less fantastical is lost
Mainly that for each of the main blazon animals that represent each attribute, there’s a real (to us) animal that doesn’t exist–firebirds are real while peacocks are mythical, fulvopards but no lions, vvaghras but no tigers, leijonœrns but no… idk yet, perhaps hexarts displaced crocodiles (this is still new so I’m still both deciding on blazon animals and the real animals they displaced)
With this new idea about Shadow that kinda got me thinking maybe other stuff is like that too

It reminds me that I’d recently considered in my eventual reboot of Tyrian,

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Wow I just got a really cool idea for Stablehand

Ok so I have this character called Shadow (a humanoid hexart) I thought was a cool idea for like five seconds, then kinda gradually lost interest in

And I was just thinking about what else I might fill that character slot with

And I suddenly imagined filling it with the first “sub-MB” who has its own new set of attributes and maybe a few other new “mechanics” that it brings with it which aren’t supposed to be and kinda don’t mesh with existing stuff; essentially this little thing is like a sentient glitch in reality

And I realised that perhaps Shadow could be a character that was supposed to be a character like the others but got like deleted by this thing coming into existence and his storyline/existence could be all glitched up, making him a shadow of a character

I don’t know what I expected from that Too Many Cooks video but

I just loved the concept of having way too many characters to introduce and having to take forever to get through the intro, especially where each family had some distinctive character to it and you really got the impression this could indeed be a show where you’d get to know all these characters and somehow miraculously they’d have time to neatly balance the stories between all of them

I also liked the ending where everyone was part of the same “family” and they just fucking adopted lizardman into the family like whatever. With a somewhat smaller “family” that’s probably precisely the kind of thing RFS characters would think was a perfectly normal, standard sitcom. Like, it’s just not a sitcom without lizardman and space officer person right

The rest of it was kinda… I liked some parts of it but some of it were just eh

Oh yeah, the other day I tried to think of what I would have called Stablehand if I hadn’t just ups and named it Stablehand as soon as I got the idea to do some kind of story involving Lance, but named it, for instance, right now, when there are 11 other central characters and Lance AKA Stablehand is so far from being the main anything it’s ridiculous

And I think I would have named it something involving the letters SH considering the fact I gave all the main characters “SH” titles, and/or sixteen (the number of core attributes)/powers of two

The closest I can come to a name I might have picked that sounds okay is Sixteen Hues.