Stablehand: Observer update


Here we are! I wanted to make a more quality drawing of The Ingenious, and I did, but at the same time I also drew more updated versions of the two more common Observer forms. Those forms are now called the Yunia (Unity) and Vontada (Will) forms, and Ingenious’ form is now called the Sinteszia (Synthesis) form; as it’s a sort of combination of the two I felt like I needed to have a good reference of the other two to compare it to.

It’s good I got to drawing the main two forms again, though, because their design has changed a bunch by now. In particular the Vontada form looks a lot more like a theropod dinosaur by accident; its arms could probably be a bit more substantial actually because I liked the ape-ish look on the colour palette test one. Another, actually intentional design element is that now, all forms’ hands have exactly one clawed thumb but the rest of the digits unified into a single unit by default, which separates out into separate fingers (up to 7 counting the thumb) as needed. (That’s my sneaky way of obeying the “MBs have either digits or claws reflecting their attribute number” rule while still giving them normal hands.)

Also this time I actually drew the sensors seriously instead of scribbling them, for the very first time. I’m not totally sure I won’t change them the next time I have to draw these things but at least I have an actual design for the sensors now. :p