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Takumi: In RFS there is only really the Aether and Aluma

“: Aluma is inside the Aether kinda

“: And you can’t really get outside the Aether

“: Well… ok there’s one small exception to that but not really.

“: See, the Aether is made up of locales that link to each other.

“: And the Primordium, the very beginning locale, links to Endless Silence.

“: Endless Silence, you could kinda say, is outside the Aether, because it’s what the Aether would be like if it never developed.

“: i.e., basically stark nothingness.

“: I still haven’t figured out how all the different locales affect Aluma, like what there being a part of the Aether where the Aether doesn’t exist means for Aluma

“: I don’t even know what Aluma would be like if the Aether didn’t exist, they kinda exist because of each other so I don’t know whether there could be one without the other or not

“: That makes me realise, Endless Silence is probably the only place you can be safe from Aiyalam since it’s literally an Aether without him

But also locales in the Aether are just places, so he should be able to just go there???

Hmm that’s kind of a contradiction, idk how to solve that

I guess if Aiyalam went there it would turn into a different locale, maybe the Primordium or Origin

It would be so funny if he kept trying to go to Endless Silence but the locale just kept changing on him because one of the conditions for Endless Silence is Aiyalam can’t be there

Okay, here is a very important thing I should say about Stablehand! A really really important thing.

There’s a good bit I haven’t told you, and a lot more things I’ve told you about but haven’t actually explained the way I would if I wanted you to understand them as well as me. And there’s a reason.

The world of Stablehand is a very strange world. It looks normal and straightforward on the surface (well, as normal as a world filled with dragons, yetimonsters, technotranscendents, and other such things can look), but underneath, there is another side to it. Most people do not know this though, and go about their day to day lives unaware of it.

So, I’m trying as much as I can to only tell you things the main characters or other relatively ordinary people already know. If I explained this world in a big-picture sense the way one might usually explain a fictional universe or premise, you’d be seeing the world a very different way from the way the characters see it, and your opinion of the characters for one might be rather different. The story would also be a little less cool in my opinion if it didn’t make you wonder about it.

(Not that I’ll never explain it that way. It’ll be some time though, I’ve gotta at least get to the stage of making some rough drafts of the actual gamebook, and maybe I’ll tell you stuff if you’re a person I’m discussing them with and you want to know.)

I hope that makes sense.

I didn’t even notice until now that “Cyaneas Hughes” was a much better pun on “blues” than what I meant it to be and I feel so silly

The funny thing is that blues by its original definition is like, throw some random words you came up with at the moment that sound interesting onto familiarish-sounding music and repeat them a bit, which actually goes rather well with his Incongruity-related tendency to come up with really weird things to say

Good grief I accidentally said “ship” instead of “archetype” in my mind

I guess different ships have different qualities too but “Unity ship”, “Esteem ship” is a really weird way to put it :p

I don’t recommend Eternity or Compulsion ships, those can only end badly

Me quickly scribbling out the gender symbols used for each chroma.

The current version of this particular worldbuilding facet, if you’re totally lost right now, is that mystery beings don’t have a gender, but have something called a chroma, which is related to their behaviour and general nature and as such people see it as kind of like a gender. People also sometimes identify as “gender Zed” and “gender Xai”, etc., sometimes while also identifying as a “traditional” gender, like Flash Karkira who is malezed.

From top left: Xai, Zed, Omega, Omicron. Omega is Zed + Xai, kinda the “Totality attribute” of chromas, and Omicron is sort of the “Nothing attribute” of chromas. If it looks familiar from Ssiv’s logo, it’s because Ssiv is more or less gender Omicron. I should have mentioned that. :p

The two at the bottom are demigender symbols, with female + Zed (my gender) on the left, and male + Xai on the right for contrast. Imagine them with the opposite “traditional” genders on them instead as well, I just thought it was redundant to draw that.


remember how in the early days of Homesuck whenever tried to do a bullshit plot line or self insert we just shot it down

that was good

Yeaahhhhhh I feel like I totally would have been the one to get them back that way except then I had to decide being an alien werewolf thing on stupid irrelevant segues was so fun. Bluh :p

At the very least it made me create the Observers which are a really, really big thing in RFS now (nope, it’s not a coincidence at all they’re named Observers, if you know what I mean :p), and half a dozen personas and various things similar to them, like wow I practically made this whole aesthetic based on blankfaces, mammal and/or dinosaur characteristics, viridian, weird glove things, fluff, and stripes

This morning I apparently had another dream where I was telling people a couple things about Stablehand I’d decided on the day before. It was pretty much a regurgitation with nothing new except

I think that dream is actually where I came up with the weird idea that the name “Aeterna” was actually a combination of some of the individual states it was made up of, kinda like Pakistan

I might just use that