Oh here’s something interesting that had kinda always been part of the plan for Stablehand but which I sorta forgot was a thing for a while. It’s a cool little thing though so I thought I’d share about it. Theme frames!

What they are is, Stablehand has a general visual style or two, which will be something like the stuff in my paintings tag, but then each character will also have their own visual style(s) some of their frames will be made in kinda for emphasis, or just for cool.

  • Lance: ink things with moody bluish grayish black washes in the background, sometimes little flashes of blood-red added for interest
  • Kate: field sketches, old naturalist style plates (that will be a big pain but interesting)
  • Kris: I want to design a style that’s kind of a weird manga/American-comic hybrid and very pop-outish and full of energy
  • Jinfèng: initially I thought brush paintings of some kind which was why I drew Dà Jinhuáng with a brush but as I’m re-evaluating her character I may pick something else; it will probably involve a lot of reds, yellows, and oranges though
  • Ariana: she follows this Hinotorian magazine called The Spark which is kind of like National Geographic and kind of like a Christian magazine just barely minus the actual religion, so I may try to style things as mock Spark articles
  • Nassak: I dunno, I might do something sorta related to how I imagined the story of Vergozsya and the Portensilisks being told like this grand myth or strange bible story
  • Sleipnir: also dunno yet
  • Hughes: I might have multiple styles for him, one of which will be monochrome blue styled kind of like a jazz album cover
  • Yanha: no idea
  • Ssivyin: probably some weird avant garde, kinda collagey looking style with Ssiv just drawn normally the great majority of the time but everything else a strange sea of “modern” scraps; Ssiassi would probably be stylised in weird ways looking kinda like those picture books with illustrations made of beautifully textured cutouts/stencils like I wish I had an example… kind of like this caterpillar
  • Shadow: I’m literally re-evaluating his character concept and deciding whether to rework it so it may be a bit before I pick his theme frame style