I dreamed about like, a film made out of one of those books for teenagers that’s supposed to be about a particular life memory or memories a person had and kinda sketch up what this person’s life is like but is fictional and doesn’t necessarily feel completely genuine

This teenage girl, who’s narrating this, apparently got a job where one of the things she’s doing is restoring the ocean. And to do this she is putting some sort of dye into it to make an it just the right shade of postcard teal-blue. It diffuses out, not quite looking like the already-finished portion of the ocean nearer to the shore (it’s a bit darker) but as it looks somewhat opaque it might be it’s supposed to diffuse downward and will make the right colour that way. She adds a blob of light cyan along the edge of the cloud of teal-blue, about the colour the ocean floor near the shore looks when reflecting light from above. Now the cloud of dye really doesn’t match.

“I didn’t think about the fact the water is that colour of cyan,” she says to some grey-haired gentlemen some ways away from her on the ship who’s apparently overseeing this. He seems to be pleased with her work.

“They let me make so many important decisions,” she narrates, sounding like she has a great big sincere smile on her face and doesn’t realise this is creepy and she is becoming too powerful.

As the shot zooms out to a wider view of the ocean she sings “siiiiii-ne-cure, siiiiiii-ne-cure” in this six-note romanticised ‘island-sounding’ melody