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Stablehand: I tried

Some miscellaneous creatures that didn’t quite work.

Shadow has been a character I’ve been consistently ambivalent about, and I’ve had thoughts of either dropping or revamping him a bunch. Remembering another (throwaway) character I’d created once with a vaguely interesting appearance and the fact I didn’t exactly have an Esteemed character on the main cast I tried to revamp him to be Esteemed, and it looked pretty cool honestly, but after a little while I scrapped that idea, realising that nope, I just wasn’t realising what the main idea of Esteem was before so there actually was one already, and also that this design was a little lacklustre in being too “standardly awesome”. So I’m back to square one with him, but at least this misstep made me appreciate him a bit more.

A couple of “traditional” medieval creatures, which I’m not sure if I’ll use or not. One was an “ermine” with a heraldic “ermine” pattern, the other was a very literal take on a leucrota (from Pliny the Elder’s description).

Leijonœrns. Or, serious attempts at them that didn’t quite work. Originally I wanted them to look a lot like hexarts (see: sideways one, stuff at the top), but more recently (many months after I’d drawn the sideways one) I decided it would be more interesting to give them shoulder arms and ground wings and make them visually different from hexarts, and do similar with the other six-limbed creatures. I’m probably going to stick with that, though it’s the only thing I solidly liked about these.

Stablehand scrap update: 4/20~10/31

The interval between these only gets longer, but at least this time it’s mostly because I’ve actually been posting things as proper posts instead of in here. Still, there are a few things.

First, the Observers’ colour is apparently called “atoll” as I found out on this neat website. Neat bit of trivia. I remember back when all MBs were going to be variations of that colour, a time this post still hasn’t gotten out of.

My mind couldn’t think of the word “papaya”,

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Stablehand: Planestack, Expurgator

Two more MBs! Both of the still semi-new Clarity attribute.


Planestacks are a creature of both Synthesis and Clarity. They aren’t well-known at all.

They’re made out of many square planes of a strange glassy material, each taking on one of many colours. The stack of planes spirals and slides around dynamically as the creature moves, branching off into four similar but smaller stacks that form the limbs. They have a rather loosely-composed body; I drew the planes right up against each other but they can have varying amounts of space between them.


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Stablehand: Orienter, Portensilisk, Cragwing, Wanyanszar

This post was supposed to post some time ago but I never got the Arbiter’s design done so it just sat around instead until I had the good sense to take the Arbiter out and put it in a new post.

The Orienter (Synthesis + Desolation) is a kind of living compass, with eight floating arms that each “point” to one of the Directed attributes. It has a great directional sense, and will gladly give directions to whoever wants them, drawing from what seems to be an uncannily great knowledge of the layout of the universe.

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Stablehand: Arbiter


Arbiters (Will + Clarity) are beings seemingly made out of bright flames shaped into chain-link-like pieces. No matter what, they only do things by their own arbitrary whims and will not yield to anyone or most of the time even let anyone else influence them. When it comes down to it, every decision an Arbiter makes will be purely its own, and often decided completely ad hoc, as Arbiters tend not to care either way about anything. (They might have a few personal preferences, but not on anything relevant or important to anybody else if it doesn’t immediately concern them.)

Arbiters carry chains in their mouths to symbolise the idea that nobody else can control them because they are in full control of themselves. They can also lock one end of the chain around something else, gaining the ability to force it to do anything it can do consciously as long as it stays enchained. In return they become slightly more vulnerable to emotional influence from the enchained thing, though it still doesn’t have the power to force them to do anything.

Oh here’s something interesting that had kinda always been part of the plan for Stablehand but which I sorta forgot was a thing for a while. It’s a cool little thing though so I thought I’d share about it. Theme frames!

What they are is, Stablehand has a general visual style or two, which will be something like the stuff in my paintings tag, but then each character will also have their own visual style(s) some of their frames will be made in kinda for emphasis, or just for cool.

  • Lance: ink things with moody bluish grayish black washes in the background,

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I dreamed about like, a film made out of one of those books for teenagers that’s supposed to be about a particular life memory or memories a person had and kinda sketch up what this person’s life is like but is fictional and doesn’t necessarily feel completely genuine

This teenage girl, who’s narrating this, apparently got a job where one of the things she’s doing is restoring the ocean. And to do this she is putting some sort of dye into it to make an it just the right shade of postcard teal-blue. It diffuses out, not quite looking like the already-finished portion of the ocean nearer to the shore (it’s a bit darker) but as it looks somewhat opaque it might be it’s supposed to diffuse downward and will make the right colour that way. She adds a blob of light cyan along the edge of the cloud of teal-blue, about the colour the ocean floor near the shore looks when reflecting light from above. Now the cloud of dye really doesn’t match.

“I didn’t think about the fact the water is that colour of cyan,” she says to some grey-haired gentlemen some ways away from her on the ship who’s apparently overseeing this. He seems to be pleased with her work.

“They let me make so many important decisions,” she narrates, sounding like she has a great big sincere smile on her face and doesn’t realise this is creepy and she is becoming too powerful.

As the shot zooms out to a wider view of the ocean she sings “siiiiii-ne-cure, siiiiiii-ne-cure” in this six-note romanticised ‘island-sounding’ melody

Ok so, somebody asked me if MBs can get fat and/or have their appearance semi-involuntarily change over long time periods and I couldn’t give you the whole answer for reasons but I thought I’d post the part of it I could because that was an awesome question.

Hahahaha that is a hilarious question that I never thought about. :p

Um…. I’d say to the latter, yes! They can very much be involuntarily shaped by their environment.

If an Insulator was in a snowy place that threatened to freeze it whenever it liquefied and as such was miserable there it might end up gradually adopting a more snow-like pattern and gaining a more rigid body, and switching to transforming into slush or snow rather than fluid. Alternatively maybe it might gain fur and switch to liquefying into a steaming fluid, depending on the individual.

Can they get fat though. Hmmmmm. That’s a tougher question.

Some MBs, particularly Observers, definitely like to eat stuff. Vontada-Observers like to eat a LOT of stuff, but I don’t see them as getting fat. I do kinda see them as getting gradually more powerful though.

MBs with wider body types are possible and MBs can end up changing to a form with a different style when their qualities and/or perception of things change so yeah, I guess one could get fatter.

So basically, they CAN get fatter but not any way a normal creature would.

Edit (25/06): now I’ve stopped withholding “spoilers”, I can give you the full answer. Contains worldspoilers of course!