Ok so Portent Rider’s real name is Haikma, and he’s Hadjeza’s brother probably. Hadjeza, Haikma. (The joke is supposed to be that there’s this whole story I don’t wanna spoil right now but it’s basically about how people built walls contrary to common sense so Hadjeza (“barricade”) represent a wall whereas Haikma (“wisdom”) represents its opposite. :p)

I feel like those names should have some connection to “Karkira” though Karkira is nonsense and those two are Arabic words; seems funny those three names would all use feminine endings for male names but I like the way they sound so it feels like there should be a specific place names like that come from or something. Karkira was supposed to be descended from like a branch Sengra group or something but Hadjeza and Haikma wouldn’t quite fit in that, ergh.