Oh wow that is actually a really neat idea

H-Eternity Agent is a section of living air-road that extends ahead and contracts behind as you walk on it

No matter where you try to go it just keeps following you, and it gets kind of annoying and creepy with its perpetual silent presence and the fact you can’t see the “road” ahead of or behind you because it merely follows your exact path, but at the same time it’s oddly convenient because how else could you just go walking in the air

As well as a road it will also form a convenient chair-sofa thing for you to rest in should it sense that you just want to be away from everything for a moment, though its eagerness to assist you in giving up and running away from your problems is kind of unsettling and the longer you rest on it the more you notice it feels faintly icy and gives the subtle vibe that it may be planning to eat you or something (though in reality it wouldn’t)