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Dammit, Papa Stork is actually a thing now

I needed a blazon animal for Incongruity and I realised the bird-people he supposedly brought were about perfect for that, which led to him actually becoming a thing though the bird-people aren’t, they’re a misinterpretation of Mega-Mierundaro’s members and so Papa Stork lives at MM with them

(He’s an MB of course so he’s not actually a he in any meaningful sense, but Arkturuse or somebody decided he looked like some kind of patriarch and started whimsically calling him “Papa Stork” and it stuck. He could care less what others refer to him as.)

Oh wow that is actually a really neat idea

H-Eternity Agent is a section of living air-road that extends ahead and contracts behind as you walk on it

No matter where you try to go it just keeps following you, and it gets kind of annoying and creepy with its perpetual silent presence and the fact you can’t see the “road” ahead of or behind you because it merely follows your exact path, but at the same time it’s oddly convenient because how else could you just go walking in the air

As well as a road it will also form a convenient chair-sofa thing for you to rest in should it sense that you just want to be away from everything for a moment, though its eagerness to assist you in giving up and running away from your problems is kind of unsettling and the longer you rest on it the more you notice it feels faintly icy and gives the subtle vibe that it may be planning to eat you or something (though in reality it wouldn’t)

Stablehand: our character classes include dragon rider, detective-scientist, superhero, anthro, person who realises original characters, person without eyes, person with airplane wings, person who throws cats, explorer, person who ruins everything, egyptian-godripoff employee, unearthly animal mascot

Edit: Add to that: fast slow time ninja, person above both gender and politics, timeless unearthly monster with an occupation, member of the dream spy agency, person who sings life into things

Oh god

Ok so I stumbled back onto this one post on tumblr about “the furry problem

As I was looking through it again I noticed the phrase “furry archetype”

And unexpectedly, my brain did entirely the wrong thing with the word “archetype”

You see, in RFS Serval has this faction called the Ocellated, and they’re kinda secretly experimenting with coaching people to help them learn to become “biotranscendents”, that is, people who can use cirque (this universe’s version of magic more or less) to wield the abilities of other living things

Originally I’d just thought of them as people who’d have trained animals or put bird wings on their backs or echolocate or photosynthesis or whatnot, like the technotranscendents have these techno-accessories they wield and sometimes merge with

I saw the phrase “furry archetype”

And I realised what if the next step Serval’s plotting in the dark depths of their office is to take the merging further and/or teach animals to become sentient biotranscendents and basically create an army of lethal animal-people

Jegus that would sure explain why Serval and their faction were doing everything hidden away from the outside world under the presumption it wasn’t “ready” yet

I’d kinda been wondering what to do with Aeterna but now I’m pretty sure it will be this place with a bunch of different regions each with different cultures and aesthetics to the point when you take people from three different regions of Aeterna and put them next to each other they just look like a super eclectic assortment

Ssiv is from Helobia, a marshy region of Aeterna with a few small similarities to either Scotland or Ireland, I need to figure out more about it and also research to figure out which

Hexartia will probably be a part of Aeterna now, because with the eclectic regions thing it just fits perfectly to just have this random village of dragons where everybody around them is humans and if the hexarts weren’t really wanted in Grævonia it makes more sense they’d go over to Aeterna anyway

Magna was already gonna be from Aeterna but it just fits more now because if she’s Sengra and Ariana is Sengra they could be from the same region, sure would be ironic if its name actually meant “middle ground” but Magna didn’t think about that and is thinking the place she made up is totally distinct from it