Ok for a while I’d had it established that mainly, SH was kinda Verity + Synth and Arkturuse was kinda Esteem + Faith so that kinda suggested the guardians bosses/curators (dammit OFF, every other time I want to call them guardians now XD) should follow the “powers of two” rule almost everything else seems to, but there were only 3 of them and that seemed a little weird

Then I realised, Dark Teapot is the fourth one

SH = V + S + U + N
Ark = Es + Ft + D + Cl
Ai = W + P + I + Cp + Fr
DTP = M + Fn + Et + R

It’s weird because he doesn’t really have an organisation/place like the other three do, he just kind of wanders around

I also haven’t really decided if he’s affiliated with Serval or not because he probably would have run into them at one point but I don’t see him as thinking about them a lot. It may be that he knows them but doesn’t really like them all that well for some reason.

(Serval’s a demiguy, like malexai or something; I said “they” because saying “he” would have been confusing. I actually haven’t figured out enough about Serval to figure out their actual choice of pronoun.)

10/03/2015 edit:

Currently this is more accurate:

SH = V + S + R + N
Ark = Es + Ft + Fn + Cl
Ai = W + P + I + Cp + Fr
DTP = M + U + Et + D

Also Dark Teapot does have a place, the Saucer Nexus. :p