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I forget most of the dream but either today or yesterday I distinctly remember dreaming about seeing it confirmed in Mortis Ghost’s comments that Sugar had indeed broken up with the Batter and I was like wait… the Batter?? no that’s not right, getting this silly little image of her for some reason looking up at a significantly-taller-even-at-the-shoulder Bad Batter from her hands and knees like she thought she was some kind of deranged cat and it was an appropriate time to beg for food although he had none and Bad Batter just kind of looking down at her with blank eyes like ‘um, hello, you sure are a strange creature‘ and I was just like no this is all wrong this doesn’t make any sense and trying to get it out of my head

I don’t think the rest of the dream had anything to do with OFF, or was even that interesting at all

Ok I looked up turbans because I’d known they were a thing for a long time but I had no idea what their significance was and that embarrassed me

tl;dr, three major reasons behind them are that Sikhs use them to keep long hair tidy, in Islam they’re a way to show faith, and in some places they have a historical association with the nobility so in India for example they’re kind of a thing to wear formally or as a status symbol

Mainly posting this because of the third one as a note to myself that if they’re a thing in RFS they could possibly be a thing some Esteemed characters wear to show their affiliation with that attribute

One night I had this weird idea for RFS that maybe Hughes would be telling this weird story about where he “came from” (a joke story) when somebody asked, and it would be about how this creature named Papa Stork would fly over the world, so big he blocked out the sun, and drop baby birdpeople in random places whose mission was to clean up the mess humanity made and boot them all out, and every one of them could transform into a different bird and the first thing they were going to do was replace harmful factories with productive birdseed farms and kill all the cats, and so forth.

“…’and’ nothing. You’re all going to die, I’m sorry. ;)”

Part of the Zacharie song I was writing vaguely reminded me of a waltz in its melody so I decided to try to write a theme for Dark Teapot in 3/4 because why not.

I knew next to nothing about DTP except a bit of his appearance but I just kind of started with a beat and an emphasis on beat 2 in particular and then a song sprang up and I started putting random-sounding lyrics to it and I kind of like it though it’s incredibly silly.

Oh give me the night and I’ll ride on its floes
To bask in the haystack that nobody knows
I will swing
through the vast nothing
Like the ding of a rose (I suppose)

Ok so, Ssiv’s parents are Serval the catperson and Severance, who I haven’t designed yet. They sort of represent the two different “sides” of the Synthesis attribute, with Serval liking the idea of merging things together sort of “AND” style and Severance preferring to accent the differences between things for a more eclectic approach sort of “OR” style.

Serval leads the Ocellated, and Severance leads the Variegated. The Ocellated has biotranscendents, people like technotranscendents but with living things (Katzenkämpfers if I use them are probably a sub-class of BTs). The Variegated I don’t know much about yet but Severance definitely works with Arbiters as Arbiters’ independent, in-control-of-myself thing really fits their philosophy.

Severance is probably gender zed, maybe femzed. Either way I imagined them having a similar off-white heavy-weight cape to the one I imagined Karkira with when he switches to “Karkir”, so I guess nondescript heavy capes are a thing associated with gender zed. Serval has like a small amount of serval-like spotting on their body so I think Severance will have dramatic rough-edged stripes on them but probably on some kind of equipment/accessory rather than their body since their whole thing is not merging things the way Serval does.

Serval could have some kind of AND symbol and Severance could have some kind of OR symbol.

You know, I think Serval may actually be one of Ssiv’s parents because I just can’t help imagining them as looking a lot like Ssiv by utter coincidence and I’d kinda had this idea there might be an ending where Ssiv joined Serval’s group regardless, along with the fact I literally had no idea where their parents had gone and it would pretty logically solve that mystery if at least one of them was in the hidden continent of Saut d’Eau.

I’d wanted both their parents to be really solidly genderqueer so that it’s like Ssiv thinks they’re somewhat unique and alone that way and then are surprised to find out, wait, I apparently never noticed my parents were genderqueer too. But I don’t have much on Serval yet, so I could tweak them to be more solidly gender-neutral with less of a masculine tilt.