The most urban main place right now is probably Zefír (Fantasy + Unity). It’s literally a glassy sky city built where there was nothing, so there’s like no natural anything. I saw them as having small artificial green spaces that were like flowerbeds but honestly I’m not sure now how well plants would do at their altitude or what kind. (On a sidenote I need to rename Zefír, now that I actually know what its leadership is like I can’t see them naming it that. :p It needs to be something funky and newagey like Unitopia or Trancescendenta, though less stupid-sounding than either of those.)

After that would be Aeterna (Synthesis). It’s kinda defined by slightly old-fashioned cities and clocks everywhere. Clock towers, watch factories, watch shops… clocks and more clocks. However with the addition of Ssivyin’s “Highland cutter” I’m also thinking it might have a number of more remote areas with seemingly random and unexpected cultures compared with the main part of the country.

Grævonia (Verity) is next in line. Wesbiegel, Grævonia is somewhat urban but has a lot of undeveloped forest, for instance. Easboro is similar but has much less vibrant green forest and a little more city; I’d say it’s rockier overall. Corazón, in the centre, I never imagined specifically before but I’d quickest see as a rather sterile place where everything is oddly… whitish. I see it as being a small place where the main “attraction” is a number of big and kinda secret government buildings, around which instead of maintaining lawns they just put in sand. There are a few other things there, but none of them really stand out.

Hinotoria (Unity) is quite rural. It has a few cities (notably the capital city I haven’t named yet) but most of it tends toward villages, farms, and of course some wilderness where some sometimes bizarre animals live. It’s an interesting place in that wilderness tends to have paths and bridges and a handful of manmade features like that and village edges have a slightly wild look to them where a few more peaceful animals including flarefowl and hexarts often wander in. Rogue pardeans and other potentially dangerous animals are probably a fairly normal if occasional occurrence too so I guess Hinotorians would probably be good at using random things like farm implements as weapons without thinking too much. (Harmonising with everything can only get you so far after all. :p)

Kskenghra (Will + Unity) is a nomad group so they have the loosest type of civilisation. (In a world with cirque, that lifestyle would probably be a lot cooler because you could literally just fold up a huge tent into the size of a folded handkerchief.) They use zenras as mounts or pack animals when needed and their area is actually where the zenra came from. Hinotorians started using them too at some point and called them zenra/sjwnxa because kskenghra (which was actually the Kskenghra word for the monoceros) was too hard to say. The monoceros itself isn’t an uncommon sight but usually they’ll just go about their business as long as nobody gets too close to them, so the Sengra people mostly don’t have to worry about them. If somebody does accidentally provoke a monoceros and get into trouble though they typically have at least a couple of strong, experienced hunters on hand who can take it down quickly and cleanly. (Should anybody from anywhere else find a monoceros running after them, they’re pretty much dead.)

Salvare (Faith)… I haven’t really come up with much concrete for. It’s kinda literally the America of this world though inasmuch as a bunch of people ran away and started a new country so they could be safe (there’s a whole big story behind this but it both needs work and would be kind of a spoiler), hence the name, so I see it as having a bit of a touch of “rough and thrown-together”, and bit of a free-for-all where people just trust each other. There are rules and laws, but the entire place just feels like one big interconnected town.

Hexartia (Esteem) is, well, literally a nation of hexarts. I kinda have to figure out hexart life history and how they live and breed before I expand this one much. And also how the heck it was created in the first place.

I haven’t even designed a place of Machination. Initially I was thinking there would be like the idealised Kolonok legend and then this completely different reality behind it where Kolonok had set up this mining place or something but the way the song and Kolonok’s story turned out (not all that idealised nor enviable enough somebody else would be running the mine to compete with him) that ceased to make sense pretty quickly. So I’m basically at square one again with that.