Ok so this is one of those things that subtly gives away something I wasn’t meaning to reveal early (I’m bad at keeping things totally secret :p) but I just got this great idea

There’s this substance that exists in the RFS universe that’s kinda a combination of water and light

So I got the idea, the crystalvoces [singular crystalvox] are algae, what if they eat that and like, without it, they get really jagged and volatile and kinda dangerous but when they have that stuff they’re really happy and they knit their form together almost like perfect spheres with the inside sphere of spheres pulsing with light and spinning around

And so like, part of Glass Guardian’s story could be that they’d made it their job to make sure the crystalvoces had their medium stuff (hence the name Glass Guardian) and if for whatever reason they had to go off and do something else there’d be a risk the supply of stuff to the crystalvoces would get disrupted and they’d go crazy

And the big thing is that when the crystalvoces eat the medium stuff they potentially cause problems for other things (which generally appear to be more friendly and “good” than the crystalvoces) but Glass Guardian believes that even though they seem like nasty things they have a right to exist as long as a balance can be maintained between them and the less nasty things; they would, if reluctantly, slay the crystalvoces if they ended up being destructive to other things but as long as they hurt no one they see no reason not to help them

And they might use that as a parable (idk if that’s the right word) to show to Ssivyin that it’s okay to take a side temporarily and change sides even many times as the situation evolves, you don’t have to just be neutral on everything.