“My life bar’s on his lunch break, you can’t kill me right now”

Game Grumps

Ok but how weird and creative would it be if like every single 4th-wall thing in a game was a living character and you could basically choose between different HUD/control/menu thingies to follow you around but you could only have so many for whatever reason and both having and leaving behind each one would have advantages and disadvantages

Like, you could leave behind your HP guy and not know your exact health (there would probably be an approximate way to manually check regardless) but every time you die you don’t lose stuff or your position like you otherwise would because he eats it when he resurrects you

Or you could leave behind the party screen dude in order to have more gaugethings in your party and have to manage them in a less-convenient way because he has a limit to what he can keep track of

If you had the bag thingy it might slow down the entire party if it had to carry too much but of course you wouldn’t have a centralised inventory without it and you and/or everybody else would have to use their probably limited space to carry stuff

You could have a radar creature that shows enemies approaching but every time she does her echolocation thing certain types of enemies hear it and they home on you better

It would have to be better planned-out than this so it could actually be like a balanced game that would be interesting and challenging but god