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The other day I was thinking about the idea of Græv people commonly having weapon names because Lance and then the fact I’d named the leader of the Hexestrians Fauchard to match

And I thought you know Spears is a pretty cool name, I dunno if Arrow would work that well, Bow/Beau haha, etc.

And then as I was thinking about the name Spears I suddenly imagined this guy with whitish hair and a snow leopard leijonœrn that was kind of an alt ripoff of Lance (the idea of a “bootleg” Lance was actually something I’d already come up with when somebody was suggesting they might make a “bootleg” of RFS and I suggested basically that guy for some kind of cover so it was kind of that idea resurfacing) but at the same time like completely different from him, actually a whole bunch like the fan fiction characters in Adventure Time although no genderbend

And I thought damn it would actually be oddly neat to have canon bootleg side characters that like work for SH et al. or something like that so the main characters are almost guaranteed never to for instance befriend them even if the audience probably will notice them

Kinda pointless and weird admittedly but oddly neat

I find it amusing that, probably due to the fact Lance, Kate, Kris, and Jinfèng were originally Homestuck fan characters, I’ve unintentionally defaulted to subconsciously assuming all the RFS characters live with exactly one relative but because they’re not some kind of ectobiological product or anything like that in this universe now I’m having to come up with explanations for what happened to all their other relatives

Ok, I think this was the one I was trying to find.

This is, again, another one from El Ladrón Nocturno. I like it because it has this odd kinda quaint intro and then this random cool “chase” bit in the middle and overall I guess it kinda reminds me of Kyrielle as well as Portent Rider.

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Ok, since there are “affectospheres” and “vibrospheres” I think I’m gonna call a person’s attribute combo their affectotype and attune combo their vibrotype.

There are adaptospheres for attitudes too but… I dunno if adaptotype would be a term that could actually be applied to anything or not. Maaaaaybe it could be used to describe what attitudes are applied to an affectotype if like, most of the attributes have attitudes.

Today I got the bright idea of instead of uploading the full page and editing it for the page afterwards, editing it into two images first. You’d think I would have figured this amazing trick out some time ago but I guess not. :p

Anyway, very initial doodles of Vergozsya the Portensilisk (honestly I wouldn’t even call them concepts because it was one of those things where you kinda know what you want to draw but then you scramble around with the pencil figuring out how to translate it into a visual shape and mostly fail).

Also, a pretty complete concept for the Orienter. I don’t feel like the head is quite… 3-dimensionally sound as drawn (I’d probably have to figure out a bunch of stuff about the X axis when modelling it in Blender) but the arms are pretty well the way they’re supposed to look. I didn’t draw it here but the head floats on top, then the double armillary sphere (which I didn’t design properly yet) floats below it, and finally the arms float around the sphere in a circle, sometimes below them and sometimes level with them. The head was supposed to look vaguely iguana-like, by the way.

Whenever I think for a moment that Stablehand is not awesome I remember that it has a city in the sky governed by four newage pop idols with fancy anime-logic techno-weapons, a canon country of Afro-Asians who were said to come from the ashes of the Single Great Phoenix and while they seem peaceful and quiet are actually this badass unifying force that steps in whenever there’s any really huge problem in the world, shield-cheetah-ferret-foxes made of glowing water stuff, “sir lord señor manly majestic spanish caballero falcon boss of idealistic narcissism” who on one hand is exactly what he appears to be but on the other has like this army of dignified women in suits who get stuff done, and a catdude who wants to change the entire way the world works and takes orders from a big skaterayleopard with an axe head

But then again, whenever I think for a moment that Stablehand is this serious, coherent, respectable thing I think about how Nassak’s storyline is basically unintentionally this really weird AoT/MGS crossover with 100% more time-travelling motorcyclists and 200% more black people where people are fighting to keep giant terrifying Portent-basilisk-snakes out of their town and Machination-eyepatch-dude is their main guy and I laugh nervously

I’d been thinking for a while (since I effectively finalised the current 12 main characters of Stablehand, that is) how I might answer if somebody asked me who my favourite character was.

And today I realised I think the answer is Jinfèng, because she rather literally keeps me from being freaking depressed.

I forget why I wrote her song but do I know that for some reason I was very unhappy/uneasy about something. I don’t even remember what it was, so I’d guess it was something stupid like thinking I did badly on a test,

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