I never thought “default phone ringtones” and “things I like so much I actually want to remix them into my own songs” would be categories that would ever overlap.

But somehow this one ringtone from my tablet just sounded like about the PERFECT instruments and rhythms to put behind “Silica Heroine KRISTINA”. I’d made the mistake of trying to make Kris’s theme this grand and classical-ish French horn thing because I thought that sounded superheroey somehow, but honestly, this fits with her attribute and character way better. I can see now her theme is supposed to be full of tremendous energy.

I’m gonna have to redo the rhythms with my own soundfonts for the actual song given that as you can see the exact clips from the ringtone didn’t really harmonise well past the earliest part of what I already had so I just had to repeat it over and over (:p). But geez.