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This song will probably end up becoming to Rotator Phoenix what “Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado” (AKA “Portent Rider” because avanzado is hard to remember :p) became to Portent Rider.

About thirty seconds in I was positive it was pretty much the perfect way to represent Rotator’s laid-back but also “cool” style, and surprisingly, I got all the way to the end of the song without being dissuaded of that.

I don’t think I’ll even nickname this one because somehow I feel like the name Kyrielle actually kind of… fits in a weird way. The best I can describe it is, it sounds like a name that would resonate with Rotator and that he’d associate with himself and inscribe on things as if it came from some kind of lost love, though in reality he never had any such girlfriend and he’s just kind of pretending because that’s what that name sounds like he should do with it.

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Machination: Trust me on this, and everything will turn out perfectly.

Clarity: Trust me on this, and… well I can’t guarantee everything will turn out perfectly, but! Let’s give it out best shot anyway! (I honestly have no clue what I’m doing. This is kind of scary.)

Fantasy: Wouldn’t it be awesome if…?

Portent: Wouldn’t it be terrible if…?

Synthesis: Eh, I don’t really take sides. But look, see how all these things fit together.

Incongruity: Sides?

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Attribute numbers and abbreviations

0. S/Synth: Synthesis

1. U: Unity

2. M/Mach: Machination

3. Fn/Fant: Fantasy

4. V/Verit: Verity

5. Ft: Faith

6. Es: Esteem

7. W: Will

8. T/Total: Totality

0. N/Noth: Nothing

1. Et/Etern: Eternity

2. Fr/Frust: Frustration

3. Cl/Clar: Clarity

4. P/Port: Portent

5. Cp/Cpuls: Compulsion

6. D/Desol: Desolation

7. R: Ruin

8. I/Incong: Incongruity

Ok so there’s Rotator Phoenix
Then there’s David Vlang AKA Pterodaustro AKA David Love
Then there’s Matutes Jin (last-first Aeterna style) AKA Vaheuhendi AKA Magna
And finally there’s Flash Karkira, AKA… Karkira.

The four of them form this quatrumvirate that’s the core of Zefír’s government, with each of them specifically in charge of one of four quadrants of it and things further being divided up to other people from there. Rotator is north, Pterodaustro is south, Magna is West, and Karkira is east.

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Oh good god
What if all four TTs were pretending to have something

Rotator pretends to have a (ex?)-girlfriend

Karkira pretends to have a horse

Pterodaustro pretends to have a spirit animal which is a winged whale

Vaheuhendi pretends to have a kinda Norse-style ethnic mythology involving “The Midlands” which she really just made up