You know, I never did think about the place that Zefír had to be built over.

Now I’m thinking it was probably built over one of the Undirected places, because Undirected places suck.

(How funny would it be if a whole bunch of people were treating it like the “Bridge to Nowhere” when it was being built and the people of the Undirected place are really mad but they can’t say anything because they’re like squatters or something and they know they’ll get kicked out)

(You know, maybe it would make even more sense if it were the place of Duplicity and Rotator agreed that he’d hide them, wink wink, if they let him build there and didn’t say anything :p)

(Also if it were like literally underground and Rotator told everyone he was building over this place because it was a wasteland and there was nothing there, wink wink)