Ok the Faith attribute is supposed to have this angel thing that is kind of its mascot. People are kind of not sure whether it exists or not but they don’t really care because they’re Faithful, so the point is not whether it exists but that they believe in it.

(Verity people would immediately want to discover the truth because being in suspense is frustrating and they kinda hope it will turn out that magic doesn’t exist so their truth-based approach will be, well, verified, and Synthesis people would kinda want to know whether the angel exists or not but not necessarily care which way it turned out. Faith people, though, kinda don’t even want to know.)

What’s been bugging me is its name. I’ve kinda had this vague “image” of its name in my mind and what its name is supposed to “feel” like, just kinda from the image of the beast itself, but haven’t really been able to put that image into an actual name.

Now I’m thinking it has like X’s and Z’s in it all weird though, like maybe…

Xzhyrxiel? Xzhxyriel?

Something like that.