You know, I may end up having to merge Flight and Duplicity.

Eternity, Ruin, Incongruity, Portent, Frustration, and Desolation are all fairly distinct, but I’m kinda having trouble telling the difference between those two. Vergozsya in particular is making it very hard because she’s supposed to be kind of an embodiment of the idea that you’re responsible for everything and you can’t fight, you just have to suffer, and I realised that as I was going through my blog tagging posts about the overall diminishment of individual freedom “#freedom”, they were basically about that same idea.

This was odd to me because originally, Duplicity was supposed to be the attribute for the kind of thing in that tag: you’re paranoid but perhaps just because everybody twists the truth against you such that you’re basically right, and wonder after a certain point if maybe you’re just going crazy.

But I was also trying to come up with a design for an MB called the Inquisitor that was supposed to be the MB of Scrambled-Flight, and basically goes around persecuting and tormenting everyone and making them doubt themselves. Its visual design was going to be based on the Flight symbol but somehow everything about it including its appearance seemed to be part of the same idea as Vergozsya.

So… I think I may end up merging Flight and Duplicity and creating a new attribute to fill the gap. I dunno what to call it though yet, or whether to make its number 2 or 5 or what to do with its symbol. Also I’m not sure what I’ll do to the title of “Incongruity and Duplicity Sing the Blues” either.

I feel like a similar thing will happen to Eternity later too, but I dunno what.