Ok Pinkie Pie COULD be Synthesis. Though, it seems more like she just gets enthusiastic about everything, and this is just a part of everything so of course it’s exciting.

But then again Synthesis was also originally supposed to be the “random nerd” attribute and this idea of “I have no clue what I’m doing but I think it’ll work!”* which does fit. I kind of forgot about that in introducing the idea of “person who is neutral about everything and works on their own” as a part of it. I had it pretty well settled as Stolen Heart’s attribute and he’s… well, NOT Pinkie Pie. Kinda the opposite. :p

Yeah I need to move the Synthesis attribute back to being more like that. It’d help me distinguish it from Machination, Unity, and Verity a lot better.

* Actually wait, no, it’s supposed to be more “It would take a really long time for me to explain why this makes sense, just trust me”. The idea is kind of that their brains just work super-fast and make a thousand leaps between different connected things and come up with things that seem to be totally unrelated but actually make sense if they take the time to explain them. But, sometimes they actually think so fast even they don’t know why their logic makes sense either. :p