Ok, goofy superhero stories are okay, but honestly…

I don’t think there’s anything funnier to me than the idea of getting assigned goofy superhero powers that you don’t have any clue how to use and totally failing at being a goofy superhero.

I also just love how this episode, “Power Ponies”, captures exactly how I would feel if suddenly a fictional character existed or I had to deal with being in a fictional universe. Because seriously, I would just lose it. If I had powers I would just completely botch everything up and be fumbling around while people are like “where is The Ingenious” and I’m just like

Uhhhhhh just a second I’m figuring out how to dinosaur, please don’t get scared people, uhhhhhhh I’ll be there in a moment I just need to figure out how my archetyper works oh goddamnit we’re all gonna die aren’t we