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Well I finally managed to come up with a satisfactory way to arrange the attributes on a cube that actually makes sense. (I’d done the previous two things before multiple times, but the last one, not so much.)

I also did the same for the Undirected attributes (which I hadn’t done before) and actually didn’t have much trouble either. I figured out where the “mystery attribute” should go pretty quickly.

But after having done that, I couldn’t have less of an idea what the mystery attribute should actually be. I just can’t figure out how Machination could go wrong.

‘I have no idea who the hell I am and what the hell I’m doing and I’m really kind of derpy but you should listen to me anyway’? :p

La Kamel!

I like the main instrument for some reason and the “Egyptian” stuff goes oddly well with it. It’s like somebody with a slightly Egyptian-inspired design is on a super important secret mission in this really ‘fabulous’ city at night.

Not SH as there’s too much emotion in it, but maybe one of his various workers. :p

I dunno, it might also be fun to try to remix this using my sitar instead of the background instruments.

Reposted under the CC-BY-SA.

Forgot to mention this, but this is basically Io’s theme now, and has been for a while. It suits her concept and attitude fairly perfectly.

You know I really like the idea of Nassak just not liking shirts but feeling weird without one so he wears this draped sheet thing partially over his upper body kinda like a toga and other people think it’s weird and suggest he try wearing a shirt instead but he’s just like nope

Ok, goofy superhero stories are okay, but honestly…

I don’t think there’s anything funnier to me than the idea of getting assigned goofy superhero powers that you don’t have any clue how to use and totally failing at being a goofy superhero.

I also just love how this episode, “Power Ponies”, captures exactly how I would feel if suddenly a fictional character existed or I had to deal with being in a fictional universe. Because seriously, I would just lose it. If I had powers I would just completely botch everything up and be fumbling around while people are like “where is The Ingenious” and I’m just like

Uhhhhhh just a second I’m figuring out how to dinosaur, please don’t get scared people, uhhhhhhh I’ll be there in a moment I just need to figure out how my archetyper works oh goddamnit we’re all gonna die aren’t we

Ok Pinkie Pie COULD be Synthesis. Though, it seems more like she just gets enthusiastic about everything, and this is just a part of everything so of course it’s exciting.

But then again Synthesis was also originally supposed to be the “random nerd” attribute and this idea of “I have no clue what I’m doing but I think it’ll work!”* which does fit. I kind of forgot about that in introducing the idea of “person who is neutral about everything and works on their own” as a part of it. I had it pretty well settled as Stolen Heart’s attribute and he’s… well, NOT Pinkie Pie. Kinda the opposite. :p

Yeah I need to move the Synthesis attribute back to being more like that. It’d help me distinguish it from Machination, Unity, and Verity a lot better.

* Actually wait, no, it’s supposed to be more “It would take a really long time for me to explain why this makes sense, just trust me”. The idea is kind of that their brains just work super-fast and make a thousand leaps between different connected things and come up with things that seem to be totally unrelated but actually make sense if they take the time to explain them. But, sometimes they actually think so fast even they don’t know why their logic makes sense either. :p

Oh by the way, I remember scraps of a dream from last night.

I don’t remember the rest of it at all but in the last part of it before I woke up, for whatever reason, Lance was rescuing a gijinka of cursive writing from a seemingly normal page of cursive writing that for some reason was just sort of floating in the air; he just kind of reached in and pulled her out of the page. And then, well… she fell into his arms and they were joyously reunited, or something. :p

…Yeah, I don’t know either. In retrospect it was kind of like a metaphor but at the same time it felt really literal? :p I know the cursive-person was literally just named Cursive, and I think I knew that because Lance was all like “Cursive!” when he rescued her. She was kind of… sketch-animated too (not like an unpolished sketch but more where it’s mostly “finished” but you outline multiple times and scribble-shade instead of using solid colours), ironically in what looked more like pencil than pen when I think the page of cursive writing was actually in pen.

After the two were reunited a somewhat random voice randomly said something like “IAN IS THE INSECTS” and Lance and Cursive are kind of looking up to see where it’s coming from and I thiiiiink a bunch of insects went over in a swarm overhead but anyway that was when I sort of just suddenly became lucid and thought to myself in the dream “Yup, this is a dream all right. There was the completely incongruous remark that made no sense”. :p

You know, I may end up having to merge Flight and Duplicity.

Eternity, Ruin, Incongruity, Portent, Frustration, and Desolation are all fairly distinct, but I’m kinda having trouble telling the difference between those two. Vergozsya in particular is making it very hard because she’s supposed to be kind of an embodiment of the idea that you’re responsible for everything and you can’t fight, you just have to suffer, and I realised that as I was going through my blog tagging posts about the overall diminishment of individual freedom “#freedom”, they were basically about that same idea.

This was odd to me because originally, Duplicity was supposed to be the attribute for the kind of thing in that tag: you’re paranoid but perhaps just because everybody twists the truth against you such that you’re basically right, and wonder after a certain point if maybe you’re just going crazy.

But I was also trying to come up with a design for an MB called the Inquisitor that was supposed to be the MB of Scrambled-Flight, and basically goes around persecuting and tormenting everyone and making them doubt themselves. Its visual design was going to be based on the Flight symbol but somehow everything about it including its appearance seemed to be part of the same idea as Vergozsya.

So… I think I may end up merging Flight and Duplicity and creating a new attribute to fill the gap. I dunno what to call it though yet, or whether to make its number 2 or 5 or what to do with its symbol. Also I’m not sure what I’ll do to the title of “Incongruity and Duplicity Sing the Blues” either.

I feel like a similar thing will happen to Eternity later too, but I dunno what.

Oh god what if one of Arkturuse’s workers was named Liberty and looked like a bald eagle and her accessories were just kinda coincidentally red and blue

But, like, there’s no America in Stablehand so she’s just kind of incongruous and mysterious

And that made me remember one of the things I was putting in the Hexestrians’ march was “Than see Frau Liberty shed one tear / We would sooner rend our hearts upon a spear”

So all of a sudden there actually IS a Frau Liberty

If any of the Hexestrians ever catch up with her they’ll probably be convinced she is like their goddess or something…