Stablehand: Holey Yanha and Swooshy Yanha

Ok, now that our patchwork roleplay has fallen apart (see this post), I think everybody deserves an explanation of what these two forms of Yanha actually were.

The “holey” one at top was Nothing!Yanha, or Nullified!Yanha to be more precise (Nullified means Lost-Nothing; there are going to be adjectives like that for every attribute-attitude combination, but as I’m still figuring out what to call some of them I haven’t posted them yet). Due to… well, an accident (you know what happened if you were in the RP, but if not, I’ll leave it at that), it ended up losing part of itself, and that shows as visible holes literally missing out of it. At first it didn’t really know what to do and was just kind of suffering, moving and acting somewhat aimlessly. That’s pretty much what the Lost attitude is—you just surrender to an Undirected attribute or try to ignore it and suffer.

A bit later on, Nullified!Yanha kind of started conquering its newly-gained nothingness, which allowed it to be way more durable and kind of be everywhere at once. At that point it was more Hardened-Nothing, which I sadly don’t have an adjective for yet. But anyway that’s basically what the Hardened attitude means, it’s where you take an Undirected attribute that would otherwise be a disadvantage to you and turn it around to where it’s an advantage.

The “swooshy” one at the bottom was Unified!Yanha, that is, Empowered-Unity!Yanha. (The Empowered attitude means the same thing as Directed did before; I renamed it just to avoid confusion between Directed attributes and the Directed attitude.) When one of the characters decided to sing a song to H-Nothing!Yanha, I realised that it could kind of use the song to fill in its holes, and that would make it Unity because I see rhythmic music, particularly trance music, as being kind of a Unity thing thanks to this faction called the technotranscendents I added to the project pretty early. If you hadn’t figured it out, the holes filled in as black swooshes just to make Yanha look more like a taijitu (original, I know :p). It was also supposed to look slightly like Amaterasu but I don’t think that showed through much.

Unified!Yanha still kept some of the abilities of H-Nothing!Yanha because they kind of applied to Unity too. It also gained new abilities, such as the ability to just kind of transform into any shape it needed to (it only got to transform into a boat but it probably could have assumed other shapes too). This is basically what Empowered means: you harness a Directed attribute to gain new abilities.

I think it’s likely I’ll use a similar design for Unified!Yanha in the actual story, though I don’t know for sure.