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Stablehand: Mystery being numerology revisited

Yesterday I had to re-evaluate the numbering system I used for the attributes because it didn’t quite make sense to assign the Undirected attributes to the same numbers as their Directed counterparts. Nothing practically had to be zero and Duplicity kind of had to be two just because of its “two-faced” motif, for instance.

So, I thought about it a bit and redid the number assignments like so:

0 Synthesis Nothing
1 Unity Eternity
2 Machination Duplicity
3 Fantasy Frustration
4 Verity Portent
5 Faith Flight
6 Esteem Desolation
7 Will Ruin
8 Totality Incongruity

I deliberately assigned Portent to 4 because of the “four equals death” thing in Chinese and Japanese culture. Ruin got 7 because of catastrophe theory, and Desolation got 6 because of 6 cardinal directions and the idea of a compass-related MB sounding cool to me. Incongruity had to be 8 to be in the opposite position of Synthesis, and Frustration just got 3 because that was the only slot left.

Now to go back and see if I can make the Lost MBs’ digits fit these numbers the way I did with the Empowered ones. And also look at the other columns, I didn’t so much pay attention to that in those though now I’d like them to match too.

Option 2: Defiantly name ALL of Nassak’s variants “(adjective) Snake”. :p

Edit: Oh wait you know what, instead of “Snake” that should have been “Wall”. Now that would actually be pretty funny. I mean (adjective) Snake sounds pretty normal but

Battered Wall
Hidden Wall
Sharp Wall
Great Wall


When I was starting out on that last post, before it turned into [spoilers redacted], it was supposed to be about how “jeez, why is Nassak increasingly turning more and more into a huge stealth MGS reference on me XD”

Because, well, obviously, Nassak and Hadjeza have a snake theme, they’re both kinda Machination, and they both have this wall thing going on which suggests they’re tough and sturdy. I actually had to try pretty hard when coming up with Nassak’s chapter title to not make it “Solid Hognose” or a close synonym because I really wanted to convey the idea that he was firm and unwavering like a wall but at the same time I was like “no no no everybody’s just gonna see that and think Solid Snake XD”. (I eventually picked “Shrewd Hognose”.)

Beyond that there’s the fact I can’t picture Hadjeza without an eyepatch now (this did actually come from the original shitty Nassak having one as a deliberate MGS reference because shitty, but it was kept on Hadjeza because I thought the unrelated reason I’d made up for the shit character having one was actually pretty neat and wanted to transfer that) and, well, the thing I just dropped on you that kinda makes him the “Big Boss” of Stablehand a teeny bit.

It’s really funny because, like, it’s all mostly just a really gigantic coincidence but it just, well, <comic sans>kEeps haPpening</comic sans>.

Next there are going to just accidentally be mechas somehow

I just realised, probably the only way Nassak could really practically be alive and viable is if he was actually a clone of Hadjeza, because unless the snake had human chromosomes somehow he would like either only be n or be a complete mutant freak, which he isn’t.

I guess… it might make sense if the snake just kinda… copied Hadjeza’s DNA to make him 2n, with the copied half being “unstable” such that it was able to make him XY.

That… could lead to some interesting problems for Nassak later though. For one I could almost see him spontaneously turning into a girl.

…Actually, whoa. Now I can see the snake like actually deliberately manipulating half his genome and body makeup, because it actually sort of identifies as female and it might turn him female to show he was on its side. :p

…Whoa. What if it was like tormenting him by screwing up his body to try to dissuade him from disagreeing with it?

…Oh my god.

I didn’t think this storyline could get MORE disturbing than it already was, but it just did.
Also I can feel the possibilities for happy endings going down even more. :p

So, yeah, if you didn’t already know, I’m a person who has…. interesting nightmares. In fact, I might go so far as to say they’re actually pretty funny; it’s almost like half the reason they’re even frightening at all is just that my absurdity detector is conveniently turned off.

Anyway… the dream I just mentioned.

So, I was in this cafeteria-ish place, sort of, thought I don’t believe it looked like any that I’d actually been to. It might have been a tent, because there was a wide entrance at one end that natural light was coming through,

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This telephone.

I swear one day I’m gonna wake up in the middle of a nightmare after getting eaten by an Abyssal and find it was just my phone making its stupid incessant low battery beep every five minutes.

…Actually, I’m super surprised I haven’t ever had any nightmares about the Abyssals, considering how amazingly unnerving they are to me like all the time; especially when I’ve stayed up too long if I hear the slightest noise or see the slightest moving shadow/flashing light out of place my mind just completely flips out and goes ABYSSAL!!!!!!!!. Like, real-life “nasties” like ticks and wasps don’t scare me a third as much as these silly nebulous things that don’t even actually exist.

Instead, I just have nightmares about sharp-mouthed kibago on a mission to kill me and professors wanting to exact vigilante justice on me for stealing soup.

Portent seeds


My mind couldn’t think of the word “papaya”, so it tried to pull out the word “pomegranate”, but it couldn’t come up with that either, so I accidentally ended up noting that a bunch of “Portent seeds” had spilled all over the floor and for at least five minutes intermittently laughed about it while picking up “Portent seeds”.


Tell me these seeds are not portentous though, at least in terms of portending a bit of pain should you step on them.

I’m kind of starting to like where “Offensive Noise” is going, but aghhh… I really wanted to keep it short and simple compared to the other two’s songs since Aiyalam is basically an “any bullshit and you’re dead” type of guy, but I have a number of things I wanna get in there too.

I think I may need to start creating the instrumentals to have any idea what to do with it.