Well, here’s what I just spent the past three or four days perfecting.

This is going to be the TOC for the fauna section in the guidebook, basically. Before this, I created an XML file to store the tree in and made the tree in XML, then I made a javascript to turn the tree into a nested HTML list (the code shown is the HTML) and used CSS generated content to create the lines.

I know this is kind of a quirky way to do things, but it has one really big advantage—I can retheme the presentation really drastically if I want to without having to rewrite/restructure the data itself, and since I can alter it at the HTML level I have more control than even with CSS. It’s also really easy for me to just add a creature/clade to the tree by putting a tag for it into the XML file and have it look great immediately, way easier than it’d be to try to wade around in all those confusingly similar ul’s and li’s every time.

I’m also going to make the creature/character pages the same way (one rethemeable page that pulls data from my master XML file), since it seems like the most practical option.

*incomprehensible programming nerd babble*