Stablehand: Evacuator

Well, here it is finally. The Evacuator.

For a long time, I was on the fence about whether to reveal much of anything about this one early since it’s extremely rare and enigmatic in universe, to the point that I almost felt like revealing it would be a spoiler. But then I introduced it in my friends’ patchwork roleplay, and I couldn’t really keep everything about it a secret any more. So here it is. And here’s a little bit about it:

The Evacuator is a creature of intense nothingness, which seems to be made simply of empty space surrounded by armour. It’s extremely rare for anybody to see one, but rumour has it that it’s also extremely dangerous. In fact, to some, an Evacuator appearing is practically synonymous with death.

The thing at the top of the page is a very quick and not very good doodle of “knight cat”, who will be a part of the Ariana storyline. You’ll hear more about it when I get to Ariana herself.