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I forgot that heraldic poses were called attitudes.

You know, that would actually be a pretty good way to symbolise Stablehand attitudes visually. Scrambled could be rampant, Inception could be lying down, Gathered could be sitting, Hardened could be passant, Lost could be… uh… kind of curled up and tense looking? I dunno how you’d blazon that exactly. Directed could be standing or jumping confidently.

I dunno what animal I’d use though. Maybe Red? Then again I kind of want the icons to be really simple and plain to a sort of cartoonish extent, so maybe just a generic hexart would be best.

That horn at the end of the heraldic “tyger”‘s snout is simply insane.

How did I just overlook it before???

Hrm, I wonder if there’s any group of non-hoofed mammals that have horns on their noses…

(Also I kinda forgot that one of the big things about Stablehand was going to be bringing heraldic creatures to life, not only general fantasy creatures. I need to get back to that more…)

Stablehand: old about page, v1

This is an old version of the about page, backed up March 22, 2014. Some of it may be outdated, but it’s here in case you were curious what it looked like.

Stablehand, in brief, is a story about destiny, identity, and choice, as well as puns, randomosity, and generally trying to break out of the rut I’ve gotten myself into as an artist by only trying to do “serious” things.

One really distinctive thing about it is that instead of purely trying to assemble all the canon from some kind of preconceived notion of what the story should be,

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Hmm. I first guessed the monoceros and zenra were Perissodactyls just because they looked like horses/zebras but now that I’m looking at all these crazy prehistoric giraffe things I think they may be Artiodactyls. Their head plates really are similar to that even though they’re shaped differently.

(Also Prolibytherium is an axe-head wut)

Stablehand: Another new mechanic?

Yep, I’m seriously considering adding yet another new mechanic.

I just recently added attitudes, but this is making me think… I’d always associated attributes somewhat with Stolen Heart. So maybe attitudes are associated with Arkturuse or Aiyalam, and yet another new thing is associated with the other of the two?

For Aiyalam I already have reasons to think attitudes might be the one, because he kind of has a certain relation to the “Scrambled” attitude specifically. I’m not particularly sure what the new one, which will probably be associated with Arkturuse, will be though.

(I’m very tempted to make it also start with “att” though I don’t know if that’s possible.)

Today I suddenly realised that Shikunbao actually look kind of like lemurs, a little bit.

Maybe their story is that they were originally living in a rainforest-type habitat but then there was a bunch of deforestation so they moved up into the snowier habitat they now live in. And the Hinotorians now decry whoever it was that drove them out, or whatever, because they’re all Unity and all that and it’s like inexcusable anybody would just drive out an entire species instead of trying to coexist with it.

Hmm, when I revamp this thing I will probably give it somewhat smaller ears because having really huge ears doesn’t exactly make sense in a cold environment.

Yeah, it seems like I’m going to drop Pantéras to NPC status or something, in favour of bringing back Shadow and adding Ssiv. He miiiiiight still get his same storyline actually, but just be kind of a small sidestory, with not much elaboration compared to the main characters’ storylines.

That way the main characters seem to come out to 12 with 3 groups of 4, which makes my synaesthetic brain a lot happier. :p

…Wait, except for Knight Cat. Stupid Knight Cat. :p

Then again I never was really going to consider him a main character. But then again again, I’m also not sure how counting Hughes or Red in this and not counting him makes sense because he’s probably more autonomous than they are to tell the truth.

Erg. Stupid Knight Cat. :p

Haha omg, Divergent‘s thing is like Stablehand attributes but sillier and seemingly even harder to fit people into. :p

I’m… honestly kind of glad I didn’t go all the way with attributes and have it to where they were this super serious thing and everything was all about them and they were like these super solid nonmixing factions and… blech. XD

There might be a similar issue later with things turning out to be all about cirque, but I’m working on that.