Welp, guess the only word left for my third mechanic is “attunements”. XD

I’m… not sure whether it makes anywhere near as much sense as “attributes” or “attitudes”. It only really even works in a metaphorical sense.

(What I’m thinking is that since each attribute has literally so many completely different sides to it, my third mechanic is literally going to just be separating out those sides into separate “attunements”. For instance, with Synthesis you can be super interested in how things go together and really passionate about taking them apart, or you can be super neutral about everything, and I’m thinking those might be separate attunements. This is still an extremely tentative mechanic since I’m not even sure how well it would work; it would kind of require having enough and distinct enough attunements to actually be able to categorise almost EVERYONE with the attribute system, because that’s the only real reason for me to introduce a finer level of things.)