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Some more chaosworks, rough ideas for the Ruminator, experiments for Nassak, Lance, and Panteras’ logos.

Pretty thematically consistent overall, right?

That… is NOT the way the colours looked on my tablet. :/

Eww eww editeditedit

Phew. That’s a little closer.

There’s still not something quite right about it, but… it looks a LOT better.

Anyway, the Ostentator! It’s always kind of been a llamapiraffe, so I gave it spots, okapi stripes, and a llamaish yellow colour.

The purple is a standard Esteem colour but it was hard to pick the other colours because I just couldn’t get anything to look good. Finally I ended up with this though. The greens came from the brick-glass hexart I posted yesterday, since I was planning to make hexart colours Esteem colours, but I think I’ll just pick some of the brown shades from this as actual Esteem colours.

After I drew the “pet” Observer I realised I had to draw the “boss” one too because it has different markings.

Then I had to edit the first image because I realised I’d missed something.

Now the “pet” Observer has all open eye markings except for the head which is closed, and the “boss” Observer has all closed eye markings except for the head, which is open.

I don’t like the way the really awkward way the thumbs came out but it’s hard to get precision strokes of any kind on my tablet, so eh.

Oh also, another difference between the two that you may not have noticed that I decided on when I was drawing the granszata is that I’ve decided the feelers on the side of the head point up on the “pet” form and down on the “boss” form.

And a hexart!

Hexarts of course come in a LOT of colours, so this is only one, but I still feel like I accomplished something in finally figuring out what the colour scheme for the “generic” hexart was.

The colour is supposed to look kind of like buoy glass, or grey bricks in a certain light (that’s actually what gave me the idea).

3 Things I noticed while colouring the Nebuliser

  • The Nebuliser is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL
  • It’s just a little bit like a white Suguri or the “Suguri-cat” thing I drew a few years ago colour-scheme-wise
  • Just going from the story I have so far for Ariana (not including her design because I haven’t done that yet :p) she’s kind of like a genderbent Kazahiko actually XD (Kazahiko is/was one of my main characters for Tyrian, and it looks like they’re both going to have a sky cat and a missing dad and want to go on a big quest to set things right XD)

Ok, now the male-to-female count… this is something I’d been wanting to do for a while.


97 Male : 24 Female : 2 Genderless : 10 Unknown (concept not even complete enough to be given a gender)



7 Male : 5 Female : 1 Genderless : 1 Often male, sometimes female

Everybody including side/minor characters (so far; incomplete)

27 Male : 13 Female : 1 Genderless : 1 Often male, sometimes female: 3 Unknown

5:1 vs. 4:3:3.

The Tyrian universe was literally half again as bad as the People’s Republic of China. D:

(The ratio there was at most 6:5.)

Whoa. You know, I think I now know why Tyrian never got anywhere in a reasonable amount of time and ended up being backburnered.

I had approximately 106 named characters at least vaguely concepted up for it. (I just counted quickly, not super precisely, so that may be a bit under/over the actual number. If you’re wondering, I have a document I was jotting down the basic concepty stuff for each character in so that’s how I was able to count.) And that wasn’t even going to be all of them, amazingly! That only included maybe between half and 3/4 of the number of divisions I initially imagined the Artifices having, and not even the “full” number of concepted characters I imagined would be in many of the divisions I did have.

No wonder I didn’t get every single one of them drawn like I’d wanted to, much less actually start the story in any reasonable amount of time. :p

It’s good to know that in Stablehand I’ll have “only” about 20 important/importantish characters to work with at the absolute most.

(Then again, there are about 45+afew mystery beings, I guess, but they’re just species. :p)