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Last night I had a dream that as I was looking through a magazine, some kind of radio/TV/I dunno program was warning about the dangers/benefits of weather reports run through an online translator. The article I was reading seemed like it might be one of these very weather reports, as it was extremely long and pretty much incomprehensible. I think I might have seen about one mention of storms or something in it but the rest was pretty much grammatically-correct (and often you couldn’t even say that) gibberish, which, in a slightly-less-than-professional manner was typeset on an olive-goldish background (it was readable, but I still didn’t find entire pages of that colour with long columns of black text over the top aesthetically pleasing :p). I distinctly remember there being a picture of horses running (?!) flowed to the left side of the text on one of the pages and sort of vaguely wondering if the entire article was just some kind of ironic attempt to frustrate the person talking on the radio.

As I flipped through to another page I got the impression that the rest of the magazine was kind of a combination catalog/boring-reader-submitted-stories-a-la-Readers’-Digest magazine somehow.

And after that, I dreamt that as I walked into the restroom to go to the toilet (yep, my dreams are super exciting :D) I was thinking about an online post on tumblr or something talking about how someone kind of liked to draw dogs, what they really hated drawing was the feet. And then they were going to give you a tutorial on how to draw them. (Does anybody really have that problem in real life? …I have no idea. XD)

Some stuff I hadn’t scanned in, plus the Vociferator (top).

Among this you’ll find an attempt to revamp the Ostentator (you’ll also notice I revamped the Instigator’s feet slightly), as well as the first rather confused-looking table where I tried to sort out all the mystery beings. (Note that I was trying to give the Postulator 7 fingers before I drew it XD)

Also there are a couple of practice thingies and a spiral squid thing I’m not sure if I’ll use (at least as a “main” mystery being anyway).

I forgot to draw in the Ostentator’s spurs and I’m not sure if I like it better that way or not. I’m kinda not sure what to do with spurs in general because I counted them on the Conductor but not on the Ostentator. I may move them to the back legs, I dunno.

This is what Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza (still unfinished -_-) sounds like with my new soundfont and the drum line edited veeeeerrrrrrry slightly so it better matches the actual beat of the music.

I’m not sure how long it will be because I actually haven’t finished the lyrics, but this is probably at least half of it.

Ok, well, today I was revamping Wit’s Theme, and as I was doing that, I was also thinking about how to rework the character.

I thought, maybe it would be interesting to play up this idea of Wit as being ‘the stylish trainer’ or something like that (acts cool, maybe has a distinctive clothing style, unique way of doing things, etc.). I was trying to do that a teeny bit with Tsuneo recently, and I kind of liked how it was turning out, so I thought, yeah, that could work.

In Japanese one way they like to say that is “smart” though. Hmm, Wit, the smart trainer.

Then suddenly it hit me.



Help I’m dying

Secrets of the Harry root?

Last night I dreamt that my school (I’m not sure what kind of school it was exactly because in some ways it felt like college in the classrooms but I got the impression the overall layout was more like a generic high school) was having some sort of thing to commemorate Harry Potter or Rowling something or other, but nobody told me what was going on. It was like some kind of weird in-joke almost, because everybody acted like this was perfectly normal and like they had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to ask what was going on.

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Today I started writing an odd little song that’s kind of supposed to be inspired by the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scareds. It’s not really meant to be a fan sequel or anything though, just vaguely similar in theme (if “anthropomorphicised inanimate objects being oddly spooky for no good reason” can be a valid theme). (It will be heavily coloured by Stablehand stuff probably, which for anybody who doesn’t know my project well means it probably won’t be extremely like the DHMIS “style” at all, and will probably seem more like a random, unrelated thing that gives you a weird sense of déjà vu than something that clearly feels like a straight parody or ripoff.)

My goal is to eventually give it a weird animation if and when I get it done though. I might experiment with the style too and try to combine textured cutouts and other weird things I haven’t tried much with regular old CGI. That, of course, would require me to learn how to animate with Blender though, so it might be a while before I can produce the kind of thing I’m imagining right now…

I’m tentatively calling it ‘Don’t Scare Me, I’m Hughes. :p