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This is quite literally my music program! And also quite literally the trumpet part for Arkturuse’s theme, though all you’re seeing right here is the first stanza. (It’s written in ABC notation.)

jEdit, plus a huge macro I call libretto.bsh (I’m thinking of making it into a plugin later once I figure out how) and some short shell scripts. The part I bracketed in green are the buttons I added to jEdit that do libretto stuff. From left to right: play abcpart, play full midi, make score,

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Just now I accidentally poured a little bit of potato and garlic soup into my milk mistaking the carton for an identically-shaped and pretty near identically-coloured carton of chai tea concentrate. It… wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t that good either.

Then I read “Porter Ridge” in the TV guide as “Portent Rider”. Which sounds pretty damn awesome, really.

I’m not sure whether this state of mind is a blessing or a curse…

This morning I woke up from an absolutely crazy dream where I was going to some kind of… what looked like a school library, but where they were having some sort of an event to honour some of the scientists associated with radiation, or something like that. I know there were small whitish ceramic busts of some scientist I completely didn’t recognise. He could have been Henri Becquerel but I think he had a little bit more hair? Yeah, I had no idea who he was, and they weren’t labelled with a name.

Anyway at this event they were like,

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A nice turntable of the Insulator before I try to fit it with an armature and animate it. The 3D cursor photobombed it a little, but… I’m okay with that.

Plus, a tentative attempt at a colouration for this beast. The palette isn’t completely final, but the pattern is probably roughly so and I also imagine individuals’ colour palettes varying a little within the general theme of “Verity-green-and-brown”.

(Also, you might note the tail isn’t done; I plan to actually put a transparency map on it so it fades and create the water effect over it with particles so it actually moves.)

Finally! I finally arranged Jinfèng’s theme.

At first I was just going to do it as a straight strings song, but then I got the random idea to put techno sounds in it and it became about twice as good.

I did an unusual amount of chord arrangement in this song to the point I probably actually learned a little bit about playing the piano instead of just using it to find notes.