Stablehand scrap update: 11/11~12/29

It’s that time again. Time for another Stablehand scrap update! I was putting out stuff kind of fast in the past couple of months, such that I didn’t really have time to update this blog, but now’s the time to fix that.

Meet my new hat.

It’s felt, repels water, and came with a silly booklet filled with random stuff about hats. (Like, seriously, there was a teeny bit of maybe useful care information, but then the rest of it was all snippets of historical trivia and etymologies of various expressions involving “hat”. …Um, what?)

Anyway I finally have a hat that looks like my personaish character’s hat, which I can use as a reference, and also just to look awesome.

So that’s good.

WIP of my new Destiny Attribute poster!

It’s looking a bit crowded right now…

Finally I tried to make some colour palettes for the Destiny attributes! [sic]

They’re pretty tentative, especially Esteem (I wanted two of the colours to be “hexart colours” but I need to figure out what those would be first XD) and even when this chart is done these exact hex colours probably won’t be the “de facto” colour used for the attributes all the time because I like to change things up sometimes.

The swan thing I coloured with each of the palettes was just a really ad hoc thing I drew specifically for that purpose; I don’t plan to actually use it in Stablehand but if you really like it for some weird reason it’s under the same licence.

A very rough start on the Observer.

(“Pet” form; I’m going to try to make “boss” form a shape key if I can)