Stablehand: Ahalatl, Eternituga, Veriasaurus, Hlardraho, Adumbrator, Shoǔshi

As you might or might not already know, I’m currently on a quest to get all 27 (which means 29 since I already made two extras) mystery beings designed. It’s an arduous quest, yes, but I’m not going to stop until it’s done.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out by now (and I’d be really surprised if you hadn’t) each of the mystery beings is slightly themed around a particular attribute(s). I’m in the process of making a rough table of all 29 of them, which consists of three columns: Directed mystery beings, Undirected mystery beings, and neutral mystery beings (can be either Directed or Undirected).

Anyway, here are the new ones!

Ahalah (singular Ahalatl) are peculiar leaping beings that look something like a kangaroo, a frog, and a salamander all mixed together. They seem to be capable of soaring to great heights with each leap, and also of moving incredibly fast at times. They can be both extremely adventurous and extremely timid.

Eternitugas are tortoise-like beings that seem to be made out of some kind of crystalline substance that’s partially translucent and partially opaque depending on the angle. They seem to have a strange ability to make infinite clones of themselves going upward or downward, creating a massive tower of eternitugas that can then possibly reach very high or very low places. The top (or bottom) of the stack will then just step off and leave the rest to fade away one by one, leaving only a single Eternituga at its destination.

Eternitugas never really seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere at all, though.

Veriasauruses are beings that strongly resemble theropod dinosaurs; they are usually white or a similarly light colour with a darker colour as a border. They always seem to be wandering around in search of something, though nobody knows what. Sometimes they will just pause in one area, standing there like some kind of strange numen, before eventually moving on.

Hlardraho are hexart-like beings with very sharp needle-like projections on their bodies and often bright, dazzling colourations. Unlike hexarts, though, they seem to be capable of spewing fire out their mouths, and this fire seems to have a strange piercing quality to it that allows it to obliterate practically everything in a narrow radius of its path for many metres, leaving only an incredibly long blackened tunnel in its place.

These beings are usually fairly calm and docile, but can sometimes be extremely violent and destructive thanks to this piercing fire ability. Because of this, a lot of people are afraid of them in places where they have appeared.

Adumbrators are unusual floating beings with a four-part “shield” surrounding them and a somewhat normal-looking upper body that gradually fades into a constantly-reforming cloud-like lower body with spikes randomly coming in and out of it. The “shield” revolves around very slowly and stays very close to the body most of the time, but sometimes it will start whirling very rapidly and move further away, the cloud-like part of the body churning much more violently and tending to become much spikier. This most often happens when the Adumbrator is stressed, angry, or feeling some kind of danger approaching.

Shoǔshi are large white quadrupeds that look vaguely like fulvopards, and also a lot like gigantic hands. They have the ability to use all four of their legs to grasp things, and their grip is said to be incredibly strong. From time to time, they seem to like to grab random things and run off with them, using their powerful tails to somehow just sort of swim through the air, though it’s not really known what they do with said things. It’s thought that at least a few times, they’ve simply set them down other random places in a “Robin Hood” fashion, though.

When they’re not travelling around empty-handed looking for things to steal (which is most of the time), they’re almost always seen carrying or batting around large pearl- or gem-like orbs, which they seem to be highly possessive of when they have them. It’s unclear how many orbs an individual typically has, as no one is definitely sure of having seen the same Shoǔshi more than once, and nobody has ever found a cache of spare orbs anywhere. Actually, nobody even has any idea where the orbs come from, or what kind of function they serve, if any. One idea is that they may be a kind of status symbol.