Monthly Archives: November 2013

The thermostat was set to ~70. Seemingly not a terrible temperature.

But I can’t stand it in my room, so I go set it to 60. My room is still way too hot and I can feel hot air rising from the radiator.

It’s still too hot for me to even take ten seconds of it. I open the window a little. It’s still too hot. I open the window halfway. Now there’s a huge draft coming in but it’s pretty okay.

This would make some sense in summer, maybe. The problem? It’s winter and approximately -19 Celsius outside. I don’t feel comfortable going outside without a coat and yet I have to open the window and let that somewhat literally freezing air in to be comfortable inside.

Building heating system, you had one job…

Today I had one of the stupidest dreams. Well, maybe pointless describes it better than stupid, I dunno.

Anyway, I was actually dreaming about Total Drama, a show I’ve practically never watched. (Which is not why I thought it was stupid, by the way. It was the actual content of the dream.)

Zoey was standing behind that curtain which was then opened to reveal that she was very unambiguously the winner, and Mike was standing there as the only member of the “audience” like he actually didn’t know who would be behind the curtain even though nobody else was there at the moment to be behind the curtain.

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Red will probably get a theme song too, but it will probably just be a techno remix of Lance’s theme, less “srsbiz German opera” and more… uh… atmospheric? I’m not sure if that’s the right word.

A teeny bit more like Homestuck’s “Jade Sylph” in instrumentation. (Too lazy to check if that’s the right song but I think it is)

Designed another mystery being: Equivocator.

A reversible centaur-horse.

Also have a tentative design for the Eventuator. Looks like a blocky fulvopard-dog thing right now but not really much like the Shoushi. There are like four canine-looking ones now, maybe I should revamp it…

19+3/26+3 designed now. I was failing at subtraction before.