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I lied. These flags are taking forever so I’m posting the sketches now, as well as a mostly unrelated page where I mostly drew mystery beings’ feet.

The “final” designs, or the ones I’m vectorising right now at least, are just the left column and the first and last flags in the second column (they’re supposed to be one flag; the first one is just the foreground of that flag so I could draw/trace it easier). All the others are scrapped ideas!

I’m not going to explain any more right now because Sangkara is for that.

This video is no longer available: The Day One Garry’s Incident Incident

Watch this video if you like video games, Let’s Plays, YouTube reviews, or regularly create ANYTHING.

It’s extremely important that everybody understands the consequences of sites like Youtube giving in to pressure from IP industries and allowing them to take ANYTHING down off the site without fear of anything happening to them, even if they use notices that make absolutely no sense and abuse the DMCA for censorship reasons. You could make something under fair use, NOT infringing copyright, and get your account closed under a copyright law, with potentially no way to argue the fact you have NOT violated the law.

I can’t stress this enough. This is really damn important to be aware of if you don’t want to be senselessly prevented from sharing audiovisual content on the internet. Youtube is the worst but you may not even be safe on other sites. Things are seriously screwed up.

Watch the video. TotalBiscuit says things more clearly, probably.

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Why is it that the character in my story that I most identify with is the one I intentionally tried to make the biggest jerk and the most difficult to understand, the one who’s unpredictable, completely self-centred, both literally and figuratively deaf to whatever people say, obstinate, and maybe even a little bit psychopathic?

Currently I’m trying to (finally! XD) draw some different designs for the main characters in their… um… I dunno, I actually don’t have a name for this yet! So for now I’ll just say “awesome forms”. They’ll undoubtedly get a proper name that actually sounds good later, but this will do for now.

Anyway, there’s at least one “awesome form” for each attribute, which includes both a different visual look and different abilities. Kris has kind of a superhero theme going on and I was intending to give all of her “awesome forms” mineral-related names, so in Machination she’s The Reticulated, in Faith she’s The Chatoyant, in Will she’s The Adamant, in Esteem she’s The Lustrous…

Anyway, the completely silly and trivial reason I even wrote this post.

Since “reticulated” means net-like, I drew her with this cloak with net patterns all over it and this net I imagine her using to, I dunno, trap things. And then I was like, wow, she went from being Superman to Spiderman, ahahaha.

And then I thought of this totally silly bootleg and I couldn’t stop laughing.image

Stablehand: Nebulisers and Synergisers

Well, these two are the last of the “main” eight “mystery species”. Of course, there are a lot more now… there are going to be at least twenty-seven when I get them all done. Can you guess why?

If not, the method behind this madness is coming in the next post or two.

Nebulisers are very furtive beings with light, fluffy fur that resembles drifting cumulus clouds. They are usually light, faded colours or hazy neutral colours like blues and greys, and fairly quiet. They also seem to prefer misty and/or extremely high-altitude places.

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