Stablehand: Postulators and Ostentators

Like a snowy owl and bat.
They do not have eyes but can use hand pads as sensors.
Probably drew hands wrong.

Postulators are fluffy bat-like beings with great hand-like wings (or wing-like hands, maybe) that like to live in dark places, but have made it their task to assume that figurative light extends everywhere and to strongly argue that no matter what happens, things are not as bad as they appear. Though they have no eyes, the pads of their wing-hands appear to act as sensors that can somehow intuitively “feel” the world around them, allowing them to navigate without even using echolocation in a much wider radius than bats (though they do apparently have that ability too). Nobody really knows how this works.

If I cannot have a poodle-hippogriff pocket monster I will have a llama-hippogriff mystery being of my own design.

And they are libre (CC0). Anyone can draw them.

Ostentators are showy quadrupedal beings that look somewhat like llamas with leijonœrn faces. Each one wears a large, showy fur coat over its back which it is very rarely seen without, even though logically it would not only not need one but could easily overheat wearing it; for some strange reason, these coats do not seem to cause them any problems. Oddly, the markings of these coats seem to vary randomly from individual to individual without any real connection to anything, even though all Ostentators’ body markings are more or less identical.

Nobody really knows where Ostentator coats come from, either, since while they are separate from the being itself and young Ostentators seem to start out with full-sized coats that never change in size, nobody has ever seen an Ostentator without a coat first get one. Some have boldly suggested that the coats may simply materialise out of nothing the moment the Ostentator is born, or weirder yet, that the coats are somehow born first and then the being grows out of them like a sporophyte. But, again, nobody even knows what the most probable explanation is.