Stablehand: Conductors and Instigators

There are a lot more mysterious beings coming up, I can tell you that. For now though, I just have two more.

Conductors are vaguely dragon-like floating beings which almost always carry a baton. Incredibly proud and domineering, they almost always have an idea of what everybody else should be doing, which they will often very emphatically try to “hint” at by moving their hands and batons. When they are being particularly expressive, the stripes and spots on their tails may randomly cycle backward at varying speeds. Insulators often hate them for their pushy, rather egoistic nature.

Instigators are restless, mischievous beings that like to stir everybody up. They are not necessarily bad, but they do get bored easily, and as such have a bit of a reputation for spreading lies, playing pranks, and otherwise being sneaky and causing trouble just because they have nothing better to do. Their tail ornament can act as a beacon and make a number of strange sounds, and their tongues, which are literally both sharp and silvery, are effective at hypnotising others to do their bidding. It’s common to see them form small bands with others (Instigators or otherwise) to accomplish some kind of secret personal objective that’s completely mysterious to everyone else.